FFRF Co-Presidents Profiled in Paper December 20, 2009

FFRF Co-Presidents Profiled in Paper

There’s a wonderful feature-length article by Ann Grauvogl in The Daily Page about Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, the co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

For Gaylor, being at the helm of an advocacy group for nonbelievers is hard work, and she often feels marginalized and demoralized.

She cites a Minnesota poll showing that every minority group in the nation is more widely accepted now than in the 1960s — except atheists. Barker, a former true believer, is not surprised: “When you’re talking about somebody’s religion, you’re talking about who they are. It’s like attacking them and their grandma. There’s nothing we could possibly say, no matter how gentle, that challenges their beliefs that’s going to make them feel good.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says that its goal is to educate, not just provoke, and that it targets only governments, not people. But, adds Barker, “What’s wrong with stirring things up? Isn’t that the point of dialogue and free speech? We want to be part of the quilt that makes America America.”

If nothing else, check out the bottom of the article for examples of hate mail from Christians.

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  • Eskomo

    I was surprised to read that even the FFRF has to keep its address a secret. I may still be in the closet with my views and I think the FFRF may go over the top once in awhile, but I am glad the FFRF is a lightening rod for non-believers. Too bad they take so many strikes.

  • Trace

    “We do not believe the negative emails are from Christians, but people posing as ones.”

    Of course not, dear.

  • From the article:

    Dangling from the brick fireplace in Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker’s near-west-side home are three ornaments: a shiny Santa, a Hello Kitty head with a wreath around its neck, and a miniature “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” book. They are not out early for this year’s holiday celebration, but left over from the year before.

    The ornaments are at first a bit disconcerting, given that Gaylor and Barker are co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation

    Either the author is trying to set up a false dichotomy or he’s just as deluded as most, thinking christians own the entire season. I’m glad they got the article but it shows how far there is to go. That on top of the tone of those emails. I’m glad cooler heads than mine are in charge at the FFRF.

  • muggle

    Yay, Dan and Annie Laurie! They are good people. And, yes, proving a hell of a lot of stereotypes flat out wrong.

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