Seattle Atheists Get Display in Olympia, Washington December 15, 2009

Seattle Atheists Get Display in Olympia, Washington

This year, no religious or atheistic displays will be allowed inside the Olympia, Washington capitol building… but displays are allowed on the grounds outside the building.

Including this one from Seattle Atheists:

In this holiday season,
let us remember that
kindness, charity and
goodwill transcend
belief, creed or religion.

Assuming the child is part of the display, I now have a new favorite 🙂

If only FFRF had included a baby with their plaque from last year, all that controversy could’ve been avoided…

(Pic courtesy of John Keiser)

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  • all this baby talk is making me hungry!

  • Peregrine

    I like that. Good sentiment. Much better than the long, convoluted, thing they had last year. Short, sweet, inspiring… I could totally get behind that.

  • Best slogan ever.. I love it!

  • Trace

    Oh no, an “Atheist child”!

  • qwertyuiop

    See how long it takes for it to be vandalized by kind and loving Christians.

  • martin

    No way that kid is part of the display, everyone knows atheists only eat babbys!!!

    Would have been nice to see the sign in relation to everything else, such as other displays)

  • AxeGrrl

    I much prefer this new sign over last year’s, which I didn’t find to be positive or uplifting at all.

    Great change! 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    An excellent sentiment. I only wish that it didn’t use the word “transcend.” I think only a small percentage of Americans know what that means. When people glimpse a word they don’t understand, they often just ignore the whole statement. We need to communicate to everybody, not just to college graduates.

  • Alex

    For too many believers it will be a big FAIL since it has the A-word on the sign. Shocking. Oh, well, Merry Happy to all.

  • Amanda

    Thanks all!!! 🙂 That was my assistant. They’re getting younger every year. She is not for snacking. Bad atheists! Bad!

  • Amanda

    For the picture, go here, since my website is inexplicably down today (?)

  • Amanda

    Also, you should see Tacoma Atheist’s Slogan: “Guided by reason, informed by science, motivated by compassion.”

  • Miko

    I like it, but I fear that handcuffing a child to the display may backfire.

  • muggle

    It’s a nice sign but it belongs on private property as do the others.

  • Yes indeed. Couldn’t agree more.

  • agreed–I like this one soooo much better than the ffrf sign.

  • Derek

    Just now seeing this one. And I have to say that, speaking as a Christian, I absolutely love it.

    Cheers and well done!

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