Beautiful Tim Minchin Song on Christmas December 14, 2009

Beautiful Tim Minchin Song on Christmas

by Jesse Galef –

Tim Minchin’s name is associated with snark and humor to me. When I saw he had a song about Christmas, I expected more of the same. But I was thrown off-balance by this heartwarming song. There are still plenty of critical references to religion, but they’re not the focus – it’s more about the value of family and togetherness. It’s particularly special when someone known for comedy can do things like this or vice-versa.

If you can, take a break in your day and listen to this beautiful song: White Wine in the Sun.

What a lovely sentiment. I hope everyone can feel this sense of welcome and belonging in their family during the holidays regardless of religious views.

Via Rebecca at Skepchick, who also points out that for $1 you can purchase the song on iTunes.

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  • It’s such a wonderful song. I cry when I hear it. OK, so I’m a little sentimental.

  • liz

    =] that made me smile

  • Revyloution

    Im with you PeggyB. I watched it this morning. It was Niagara falls. Im glad I dont wear mascara or I would have looked just like Tim Minchin.

  • muggle

    Man, that was absolutely beautiful. I’m speechless. This could rival those whose lyrics bother me. Beautiful music and lyrics.

  • Claudia

    Had the song in my head for two days. Now it’s on my iPod. Legally bought too. Beautiful original music that a- doesn’t appear to have come out of a computer program and b- has a great message is well worth my 1€

  • Victor

    You can buy the whole live album from Amazon for $7! I’ve been cycling between this song and Storm, a poem about rebuffing a fellow dinner guest who believed in woo. I really like those two and enjoy the concert as a whole.

  • Not that I’m cheap, but you can buy the song for 89 cents on

    And there are no digital rights management problems with this download (the mp3 file will work on any mp3 player and any computer that can play mp3 files).

  • I posted this on my blog earlier today. My new favorite Christmas song… it made me cry. Beautiful song!

  • Trace

    Oh my!

  • duhsciple

    what makes y’all cry with this song?

  • Carlie

    It made me laugh, it made me cry…fantastic.

  • Peregrine

    Yes, it was touching. Moving. But am I the only one who finds it kindof long and ambling?

    I figure that he was going for funny, but realized halfway through he had something more meaningful, and just couldn’t bring himself to cut some stuff.

    It’s an unpolished gem. A little rough around the edges, but still pretty.

  • Rick

    OK. That’s beautiful.

  • Carlie

    I started watching some of his other performance pieces – long and ambling is his general style. This one is kind of short compared to some of his others!

  • what makes y’all cry with this song?
    My oldest daughter, who is caught between the possibility of belief and disbelief, is constantly on me about how much I love celebrating Christmas. She feels as if it’s somehow disingenuous of me to make such a big deal about a holy day for a religion of which I’m openly critical.
    I’ve always tried to explain to her that Christmas is about way more than religion could ever make it. This song put that pretty well.
    Yes, I constantly bitch about the commercialism and the silly religious attachments. But I know once a year most people make a little bit of an effort to be nicer and I get to hang around with my kids and my folks with no agenda or pretense or plans and enjoy them enjoying one another.
    It’s touching to know other people feel that way as well. Hemant is great at giving atheism an emotional face but for the most part we can be a little over analytical. Being touched by this song and seeing others were as well makes me feel more a part of a greater community.
    That is totally worth a tear.

  • Greg

    duhsciple Says:

    what makes y’all cry with this song?

    I think it’s a combination of the meaning behind the words (that’s always a massive thing in Tim’s work), the power of the music, and the feeling he puts into it himself.

    Not only can family be really important to people, but it also has the flip side of being just what some people want, or maybe need, but feel they are lacking. For some people, the idea that people just want to be with them because they love them, rather than because it is a festival day is heartbreaking (but in a good way(!!)).

    Tim has other non-comic songs that are as powerful as this. Drowned comes to mind immediately, as does Not Perfect.

    For those that want his more comic, scathing songs about religion, I’d advise The Good Book. 🙂

  • ursulamajor

    My tears? I’ve gotten to hate christmas through the years, but this song has given me a reason to rethink the whole thing and consider taking it back. Also, we’ve lost so many close family members (including my husband), that for me and my son, the refrain was tough emotionally. Yea, my punked out, mohawked 14 year old admitted he shed a tear too.

  • Carlos

    I absolutely love this song… and think of my bright eyed baby boy (and his brother and sister) whenever I hear it. And yes, I get teary. Really captures how I feel about the holiday; it’s about peace, good will, and most of all family. Oh, and wine.

    (I tried sending a link of the song to Hemant last year, but something went kablooey)
    /pat, pat

  • duhsciple

    Thanks for answering my “why tears?” question.

    As a wannabe Jesus follower, I appreciate Christmas as one of the 2 expressions of the “vulnerable God”– naked baby dependent upon parents, threatened with death, plus the cross where naked man is destroyed by the powers-that-be.

    I appreciate that y’all have been touched by the love part of Christmas despite the religious aspect. And I confess that I’ve become big on the love part as being the bottom line, not conversion. Anyway, thanks for the conversation!

  • Sophizgood

    I love this song! As a Jew who has had Christmas forced on my all my life, I love the sentiments! It’s so sweet!

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