Pokémon Pastor December 13, 2009

Pokémon Pastor

This pastor knows the source of all evil: It’s Pokémon.

Evil Jigglypuff?

Makes you want to rush to church, don’t it…?

(Thanks to everyone for the link!)

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  • Arnold Jamtart

    “They’re so into this make-believe world that they can’t distinguish between fantasy and real”

    Irony OVERLOAD!

  • Hah! I remember this guy (at least I think it was *this* guy….there were several, sadly) from when my sister first got into the Pokemon craze in the late 90’s.

    I think the last quote in that video sums it up quite well: “Don’t think!”

    Also, I know this has been said by others millions upon millions of times….but once again, I find myself mystified that there are still people who are so obsessed with “getting into heaven” that “you’re not going to get into heaven!” is a threat in and of itself. It makes them sound like selfish children discussing whether or not to beat someone up on the playground “because if we do we’ll get a time-out,” as opposed to, say, “because it’s cruel and unnecessary.”

    So, um, yeah. I’ll be going now….

  • Don

    Who is this guy? Somehow I think I should know him; is he from the 80’s? It’s hard to tell with tv preachers. You would think that god would give them some incite on hair style.

  • I remember many evangelical groups in my country saying the same about Pokemon and many other Japanese cartoons (especially Dragon Ball). As usual, this preacher feeds on the people’s ignorance and fear of the unknown. It’s not hard to pick a book or even check wikipedia and what really is pokemon.

    I want to play it again.

  • Seth C.

    I know Tim. D has already emphasized this but the epitome of this video is at the very end:

    “Listen! Don’t Think.”

    I had neighbors that shared this strain of thought when I was a kid. The worst thing that Pokemon ever did to me (I loved it as a kid) was make me a little socially-awkward and that was because I spend too much time playing video games in the first place.

  • TeddyKGB


  • Sibs

    all the problems in the world and you have to do a sermon about a cartoon?!!

  • Staceyjw


  • Richard Wade

    For some reason, I cracked up when he complained about kids living in a fantasy world. Not quite sure why.

    This guy is wasting time babbling about the demonic/satanic nature of Pokemon, when RERUNS OF THE TELETUBBIES ARE STILL BEING BROADCAST ALL OVER THE WORLD!! The horror. The horror.

    If he wants to focus people on what’s really important in life, he should first lose that awful double-breasted suit and get a more convincing hairpiece.

  • Greg

    My favourite bit has to be at 2:28: when the pastor complains that

    ‘…[kids] are so into this make-believe world that they can’t distinguish between fantasy and real’.

    Am I the only one who thinks he didn’t really mean that? 😉

  • Andrew n

    terrible lol

  • Trace


  • Sounds like the pastor himself can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. :/

  • STM

    “I can assure you that what you watch affects you radically!” … shouted the insane radical at the people watching him… (at 2:42)

  • Is this Fox news?

  • Carol

    Wow, witchcraft and demons and psychic powers and dark forces? Sounds like a scary place. Good thing he has god to protect him from those bad cartoon characters.


    I remember about 10 years ago when Jerry Falwell spoke out against the Teletubbies (about the “gay” purple Tinky Winky with the purse). Our local paper ran a story on it with two opposing photographs: Falwell’s and Tinky Winky’s. It was so funny I cut it out and put it on my cubical wall at work.

    That preacher sounds about standard among the evangelicals. Delusional.

    By the way, my first son loved watching the Teletubbies back when he was 2 or 3 back then.

  • Evangelists like this make a career out of finding things to be against, so they can scare the shit out of their congregation and keep the $$$ rolling in.

  • I missed the Pokemon Is The Devil phase. Oh the fun I could have had with that.

    At least my ex never caught wind of this. If she had she would have made our son stop playing with his Pokemon games, figures, toy sets, etc…

  • Kaela

    Arnold- best comment ever!


    *pushes reset button*

    ^_^ It’s all good!!

    …wow…what did this guy smoke before getting on that stage…

  • Cafeeine

    One thing that caught my ear…

    “when the kids are so used to killing each other on the games, that when they walk outside and pull out their .45 and pump their friends full of bullets [..]”

    I would bet my eternal soul and $10 that this preacher never even had pause as to how a kid got a hold of a .45 and bullets. Or possibly that for a good god-fearin’ kid its absolutely fine to carry a loaded weapon around during playtime. After all, killing another kid because of pokemon is a tragedy, however it does need to protect itself if REAL demons attack it.

    I know this is possibly reading to much into it, but the way he nonchalantly glossed over a kid having a loaded handgun makes me want to keep my kids as far away from this man’s house and church as possible.

  • Odin

    when he asks “why, why why” did anyone else think he sounded like “W”?

  • JulietEcho

    *Especially* Evil Jigglypuff! Whenever we play Smash Brothers at our house, my husband kicks ass with jigglypuff, because he’s mastered the down-B move (“rest”) and if your health is over 30% depleted, it’s pretty much an instant KO…

    …And also, this pastor is sad and crazy.

  • *snrk*

    I’m gonna go play Pocket Monsters just to spite this jackass.

  • BlueRidgeLady

    The thought of Satan taking cartoons seriously is really funny!

    I think if God were real and cared about Pokemon that God would need to adjust priorities ever so slightly.

  • “Your children need to know there’s a devil and he hates them and he wants to ruin their life!”

    So psychologically and emotionally abusive.

  • Flah

    You guys are so behind. Today’s evil game corrupting our youth is Bakugan! Apparently the kids that grew up with Pokemon didn’t all become serial killing satanists. Go figure.

  • muggle

    You’ve got to admit though his silly premise would make a great cheesy horror flick!

    Oh, no, flah, say it ain’t so. My grandson plays with those. They are evil, though. I keep stepping on those damned little balls they hide in.

  • Oh the irony. A pastor explaining how other people can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy… lol.

  • False Prophet

    Wow, so he even reaches back to Jack Chick’s long discredited “Dark Dungeons” BS.

    Hey, how many football players, after the game is over, just start tackling people on the street? Just wondering–I mean, they spend so much time practicing how to sack people, I’m not sure they can just turn it off when the game’s over.

  • Flah

    @muggle: google it, I wouldn’t make that up. Although by your logic legos must be satan’s little toe clippings. I’ve learned to recognize the distinctive clink they make as they go into the vacuum cleaner — the ones I haven’t stepped on, anyway.

  • PokemonMaster

    I have to agree with the preacher. Pokemon is a world of demons and witchcraft! How else can one explain a Gliscor hitting 3 Guillotines in a row against my team? It’s evil I say!

  • It goes deeper than that. I’m surprised Hemant missed this one:

    Faith United News Network
    February 3, 2009
    Topeka, Kansas

    Robertson Leads Campaign to Challenge Pokemon Evolution
    –Insists Alternate Theories Should Be Presented

    The Rev. Pat Robertson has never been one to shy away from controversy. During a 700 Club Broadcast on February 2, Rev. Robertson announced that he was going to help champion a new intelligent design initiative by conservative members of the Topeka Pokemon League.

    “Over the last few weeks, I’ve been in constant contact with the good Christian folk at the Topeka Pokemon Gym, and they’re sick and tired of liberal humanists shoving the unproven theory of Pokemon evolution down their throats,” said Robertson. “Radical Darwinist ideologues are filling children’s heads with notions about Pokemon that are simply not found in God’s Word. How could something like blind chance or leveling up create something as perfect as a Wailord? How could any creature have developed an attack as super effective as Hydro Pump without that being part of our Lord’s creative purpose? Kids need to be taught that there are alternatives.”

    Robertson’s initiative is strongly supported by Robert J. Cihak, Senior Fellow for Pokemon Studies at the conservative Discovery Institute. “Pokemon evolution is passed off as fact, when in reality it is nothing but a poorly supported theory,” said Cihak in a phone interview yesterday. “Where’s the evidence that Raichu evolves from Pikachu? There is none. Where’s the mechanism for Bulbasaur to become Ivysaur and then Venusaur? The scientific data is totally lacking. Pokemon Centers must present all possible theories if the intellectual integrity of Pokemon Science is to be maintained.”

    This initiative has raised concerns in the international scientific community. Contacted for comment at his home in Yokohama, noted Japanese Pokemon scholar Professor Soichiro Oak expressed his incredulity at Robertson’s comments. “I simply cannot believe that there are still people willing to reject the vast preponderance of evidence supporting Pokemon evolution. Yes, it is a theory, but one that has been tested time and time again in Poke-battles. We may not fully understand how a Psyduck becomes a Golduck, but that doesn’t mean that the basic theory is flawed. It just means that more study is required.”

    The response from the Pokemon themselves shows that tempers over this issue are running high. During questioning at a hastily called press conference at the Topeka Pokemon Gym, an obviously angry Pikachu said, “Pikapikapika! Pikaaaah! PIIII –KAAAA-CHUUUUU!!!!!” The resultant Thundershock attack did 50 damage to a nearby Fox News reporter, who is still stunned but in fair condition at Topeka’s St. Francis Hospital.

  • Andrew

    I think this video made me retarded.
    Did he really compare Pokemon to Russian Roulette?

  • How dare he claim that Jigglypuff is demonic. Jigglypuff sings to destroy his enemies. Isn’t that what they do in a chapel or house of worship?

    Kettle, meet Pot.

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