Ark Closed December 12, 2009

Tony was driving to the pet store when he saw a billboard for Kent Hovind‘s Dinosaur Adventure Land.

While the park is shut down indefinitely, the sign on the billboard may offer a new Christian explanation for how the dinosaurs went extinct 🙂


Noah shut them off! Who knew he held a grudge against the dinosaurs…?

(via Anthony R. Miller)

Reader Richard jokes that he thought this was why we lost the dinosaurs:

why missing

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  • Either that, or the dinosaurs missed getting on the Ark because they were too hammered.

  • i was forced to go there as a field trip a few times in parochial school; it was terrible. all sorts of “dinosaurs lived at the same time as adam and eve” bull. they did have a pretty sweet zip line though.

  • TB Tabby

    Obviously, Brutha Hovind has broken out of jail and built an ark in secret, because he knows God is planning to flood this sinful world again. (See? Water IS toxic, just like he said!)

  • Have you read “Dr.” Kevin Hovind’s “dissertation?”

    It is hilarious. It reads like a badly written tract you might find in the lobby of some crazy church. There is nothing remotely academic about it. It doesn’t even have references. Somehow, he found some a school, Patriot Bible, to give him a doctorate.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Dinosaurs went extinct because they had good taste.

  • Ark’s Closed…

    That sounds suspiciously similar to “Pool’s Closed.”

    Could this be the work of 4Chan? Are those b/tards finally making themselves useful?? :O

  • ImmortalityLTD
  • absent sway

    Nonsense–everyone knows that smoking killed the dinosaurs!

  • Flah

    Follow the links. Apparently it is the Xtian thing to do to pay your contractors under the table. But rejoice, you can contribute to his legal defense fund!

  • yay, the park is closed. here’s hoping “Cabazon Dinosaurs” is next, the CA park featured in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, and other films. it was transformed by another I.D. creationist. take back the Dinos!

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