Atheists Aren’t Real Men? December 9, 2009

Atheists Aren’t Real Men?

Umm… for the second time this week, I’ve been not-so-subtlely told I’m not really a man.

What can I say: gasoline just doesn’t do it for me.

(Thank to Justin for the link!)

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  • Mmmm, bacon~

    But yeah, petrol smells horrific.

    As for babies, I’ve never smelled one, at least, not before cooking it.

  • Was it the REAL MEN LOVE JESUS bumper stickers?

  • Twewi

    I only recently learned that people could enjoy the smell of gasoline. I find it to be one of the most foul scents I’ve encountered.

  • What, no men (or women) like the scent of a good beer?

  • Chris

    Since when did 4000 people in an online survey come to be a fair representation of the nearly 7 billion people in the world, 75% of which don’t even have internet access? They even have the audacity to call this a “study”… *sigh*

  • Not sure how this relates to atheists specifically, but…

    Yes, you’re a girl. Gasoline smells far better than babies, ya fruitcake.


  • Try a little curry powder in the gasoline.

    It definitely works for babies.

  • rbray14

    my mind is gutter bound so i couldn’t help,but
    notice certain smells left off of the list 😀

  • Lurker

    How was the baby smell prepared?

    Did they just grind up some baby and put it in a bag?

  • If I could smell gasoline all day with out the dangers of smelling fumes, I would.

  • Tony

    Two comments: Firstly in what way can Daniel Dennett be described as an “angry atheist”? Secondly the number one on the list of smells should be “one’s own farts”…

  • Hemant,

    Think this might be a coordinated attack? I’ve been noticing lots of attacks of this ilk. Or maybe it’s just that anti-atheists bigots just have so few ideas.

  • Gas is the best smell. Ever. When I was younger I would love mowing the lawn because it combines the 2 best smells. Grass and gas, baby!

  • Lisa

    Hmm. I guess that means I’m a real man. Never mind the ovaries and estrogen.

  • Carlie

    I would love to know what “baby” smelled like. I loved the smell of my own babies. Some other babies were ok. Other babies smelled atrocious. I don’t think there’s a generic “baby” smell.

  • AlexMagd

    Oh yeah, because women are naturally gentler, kinder atheists. Wilting, delicate flowers who are all about building communication, instead of nasty confrontation. Tell that to Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina et al. And Dan Dennett and AC Grayling are raging testosterone-monsters… What a load of sexist crap!

  • muggle

    You know, I’m a mother and a grandmother, and a loving one at that but I just don’t get what’s supposed to be so good about the smell of a baby. Ask me, they smell like dirty diapers and spit up. Only time they smell halfway pleasant is right after bath time.

    Does that make me less of a woman even though I’ve changed a zillion diapers and mopped up more spit up than I care to recall? Endured projectile vomiting when I shared an omelet with the grandson? (That’s how we discovered his food allergies.)

    Also, this:

    It also emerged that nine out of ten women believe a nice scent has the ability to change their mood.

    Only if it’s the smell of yummy food cooking/baking and even then, it all depends on just how bad things are. One thing I definitely don’t buy is this aroma therapy nonsense. Of course, this particular grumpiness could be credited to my allergy to perfume.

  • Takma’rierah

    Babies have a distinct smell? Well, I suppose I wouldn’t know seeing as how I always try my best to keep as far from them as possible. =)

    I like certain gasoline smells, but it depends. The smell of snowmobile exhaust is better than pulling into a gas station, for instance, and far better than race car fuel, if I remember correctly; I think it had kind of a thinker, syrupy smell, but that might just have been because it was in an enclosed space.

  • I’m a woman and I prefer the smell of gasoline to babies. At least if you ask me and don’t present me with the two smells. The reason for that being is in my mind (and no doubt in many men’s minds) baby + smell = dirty diapers.

    Now if you presented me with a smell test of gasoline and a non-poopy baby the answer might be different. Not sure, I don’t have much in the way of maternal leanings so I have a hard time responding to babies. The only babies I can definitively say I prefer the smell of over gasoline are puppies.

    Hemant left out that they also prefer the smell of frying bacon but who doesn’t? That’s just about the greatest smell ever along with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Babies just can’t hold a candle to either.

  • Flah

    Just another reason I’m a bad mom; I prefer the smell of puppies to babies. And yes, before you ask, I have set aside money for my son’s future therapy.

    Bacon, however, is an absolute good and has miraculous powers. I may even start a Bacon Ministry, with special holy days set aside for North Carolina barbecue. (It will probably all end in schism, with the Nashville and Memphis barbecue followers walking out in a snit.)

  • Min

    My wife used to have a coworker who hated the smell of bacon, to the point that her coworker would leave the house if her husband was making bacon.

    I’m pretty sure she was a terrorist in disguise.

  • DGKnipfer

    Babies and gas both smell nasty. But babies can at least be cleaned. Gas can only be washed away.

    Bacon on the other hand is a dream. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm Bacon!!!

  • Gas? Meh. Babies? It can be argued they only smell good so we don’t kill them.
    REAL men (and not so kind or gentle women – like me) favour the smell of fresh asphalt.

    So, Hemant, how do you feel about asphalt?

  • Tanewha

    Like the smell of gas hate the smell of babies? Quite a few Darwin Awards to be handed out here methinks

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