Atheist Billboards Go Up in Oklahoma and Baltimore December 5, 2009

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Oklahoma and Baltimore

The Tulsa Coalition of Reason has a billboard going up this week!

TulsaCoR Billboard1

Meanwhile, the new billboard in Baltimore is getting quite a bit of press:

Keep up the good work, CORs!

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  • I can’t wait to see Rep. Sally Kern say something really really stupid about the billboard. Then their state house will probably try to pass a resolution to ban any billboards that mention atheism.

  • liz

    yay! i saw the Baltimore one last night. i was pretty excited…i even took a picture =]

  • rbray14

    now if we could get a few billboards
    in okc to counter act some we’ve had in the past, like one that said “don’t make me come down there” which was up when i was in church
    so didn’t bother me then.but more i think bout it less sense it makes 🙂

  • That’s cool….I really wish we could get some in Utah. The Knights of Columbus decided to put up a ton of “Keep Christ in Christmas” billboards everywhere….I was actually getting offended last night driving by all of them

  • Sakura,

    How are you offended by the “Keep the Christ in Christmas” billboards? If atheists want their viewpoints respected, they need to respect and tolerate the beliefs of others. People believe Christ is their saviour, and they have the right to practice their religion.

  • Farks

    Hey hon, Bawl’mer, Merlin! Yeah!

  • Ronyismello

    Nothing like the freedom to do anything that is within reason.
    While I am not an atheist, I nevertheless support freedom of speech.
    God I assure you needs no billboards!!!!!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Wow, the exact same cloud formations in Oklahoma and Maryland. It’s a miracle!

  • Martin


    You can be offended but still respect something. When was last time a “Keep the Christ in Christmas” or other religous sign or billboard vandalized with hate speech?
    We respect their right to put them up and don’t mess with them just like was ask the same, we never asked Christian groups to agree with our billboards.

  • Staceyjw

    We have these up in SAN DIEGO too!!!! One is on I-8W. SAME ad.


    I don’t have to respect their ridiculous beliefs, ever. I only have to tolerate them. Tolerance and respect are not the same.

    I find anti-gay ads very offensive, and also get annoyed by constant showings of xtian faith. You can’t help your feelings, only what you do about them.

    And yes, Ronisymello, why would the “all powerful god” need a BILLBOARD? Seems a little low budget- kinda like showing up on a toaster 🙂


  • I love it. It is way past due.

  • coolio

    i’m glad oklahoma will get a billboard 🙂 especially in tulsa. everytime i go there, all i can see is the flood of megachurches on every corner. no doubt there’ll be outrage.

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