Jesse’s Job Search Update December 4, 2009

Jesse’s Job Search Update

by Jesse Galef –

I’m usually reticent and reluctant to talk about my personal life, but I feel comfortable sharing some things. It helps that I’ve found you guys to be very supportive, both in comments here and talking to some of you on facebook. It’s a new experience for me to have relative strangers asking me how my job search is going, offering to buy me drinks, and giving kind words.

No, I didn’t get the job at Americans United for Separation of Church and State. At first I thought I had a decent shot, but after finding out that the job was almost entirely technical I revised my expectations. I have a programming background and minored in Computer Science, but I’m sure they were able to find someone more qualified than I am. I love what AU and wish that person the very best of luck.

The somewhat happier news is that I was asked to lead a monthly “Cafe Inquiry” discussion group for the CFI-DC chapter! I’m looking forward to it, and anyone in the DC area on December 17th should definitely come. I’ve already thought of some interesting topics, but I’m open to suggestions.

Yeah, some days I’m down and mopey, but I get the sense that’s normal. I’m trying my best to stay positive and make the most of this time. I’ve been trying to keep busy in the community – volunteering time for the Secular Student Alliance, blogging here and occasionally at UnreasonableFaith, and going to social groups. I’ve been attending CFI events and meetups with Beltway Atheists. The people have been exceedingly nice and I’ve been looking to have more of a social life.

I’ll certainly announce it if I find a job. But until then, I’ll try to keep my chin up and expect things to get better with time.

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  • Jesse,

    There is a big difference between a “content provider” and someone who does the “data plumbing” (or programming) for an enterprise solution. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get a data plumbing job if you are really all about providing content.

    Many IT jobs tend to be very technology and sometimes even App-server and development-environment specific. If an employer can find a near perfect fit with experience using X,Y, and Z technologies (or programs) they will choose that person.

    The key thing is to keep searching and hopefully you will find a good fit with what you like to do.



    Life has a very odd way of working out, so don’t get discouraged! So you may or may not been picked for one job – you’ll find one that suites you even better! 😀

  • Amyable Atheist

    Thanks for the update and keep up the good work, Jesse! Sounds like you’re doing well with all those different activities – one of the things I’ve found is that it’s important to have a very good answer to the “So, what have you been doing since you were laid off?” question, even if no one ever asks it.

    And I definitely agree with about things working out – after being laid off in July from a job I wasn’t terribly happy at, I’ve FINALLY finished my put-off grad thesis project and – the best part – landed a much more exciting position with a much better firm that’s back in New York where my friends and family are. Starting on the 14th!

    So a nice step up professionally before I expected it, and a great job with very little actual effort-they kind of came to me. But the way they came to me is that I got my name and information out there so that people could find me. Believe me, all that “socializing,” in addition to being plain old good for you, will pay dividends when you least expect it!

  • I’ll pray for you to find a new job, Jesse…so when you get one, I expect a video of you with your new employee badge, givin the glory to gawd (after a brief touchdown dance).

  • mkb

    Thanks for the update — here’s hoping that the right job comes along.

  • Joseph R

    Good Luck and try not to get discouraged.

  • As someone who has been unemployed for a quite a while and had the somewhat humiliating experience of moving back in with her parents, I know what you mean about unemployment getting you down. Keeping busy and volunteering for worthy causes in the meantime does help keep the spirits up! And in what I guess is good news, the unemployment rate has dropped to 10%. So, along the same lines as

    “Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end”

  • Staceyjw

    It will get better.

    I spent well over a year unemployed, mooching rent/bills off of my parents, and walking grocery stores eating off shelves (and I was 30). I thought I would never get anything, esp nothing decent.

    During this time, I spent my time putting together a (solar energy) non-profit. Even though it didn’t succeed, someone I met while doing it referred me to my current company. I ended up getting a GREAT job, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with tons of flexibility and very good pay.

    I just had to find a company that needed someone just like me, with my weird set of skills. You can’t do that without being out there, and you are doing the right things already.

    If you had told me this while I was struggling, I would not have believed it!

    Keep it up, something always comes up. Also remember this is a tough time for everyone, don’t beat yourself up over it.


  • gwen

    Try to stay positive, utilize your support system. Be sure not to look at it as a personal failure, times are tough all over right now, and we’ve got to lean on each other to get past it. Something will come up, my multi-degreed son is in the same situation.

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