Social Networking Housekeeping December 1, 2009

Social Networking Housekeeping

This will make some of you happy. To others, it will just sound like gibberish.

Jesse Galef was nice enough to create a FriendlyAtheist Facebook Fan Page, which is now public!

My usual Twitter feed, @hemantmehta, is now devoid of all updates from this site. Those were getting in the way of all the tweets about my personal life (because you all care about that). Feel free to follow me 🙂

I’ve created a new feed, @hemantsblog, which will just provide updates from this site. Some of you don’t use an RSS reader and this is another way to keep up with postings on this site. If you prefer that in lieu of the other account (or along with it), have at it.

Follow one or all or neither. Hopefully, you’ll continue reading this site and things will become a little more organized. Thanks!

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  • It must be the season for it. I’ve spend almost all of my free time in the last 48 hrs, re-directing my discussion list subscriptions, and so on. So. Much. Backlog. :O

    Which reminds me, I need a new Gravatar for this new email address I’m using. 😛

  • My social networking must be messier than I thought, I had no idea I wasn’t following you on Twitter (as my alter ego dotlizard, the lizard with the beer).

    And now I sound like i’m completely insane, with multiple personalities, all of whom are lizards. Honest, it’s not as nuts as it sounds.

  • the friendly atheist’s adventures at the airport — with relatives — and the musings on dating — are a perpetual source of entertainment.

  • Casimir

    And you might want to make that change to this blog’s “title” tag. Just a friendly atheist reminder!

  • I’d just like to point out that this tweet,
    “that’s awesome 🙂 fwiw, I’m also not in a rush to get married. The parents are, though..” makes me wonder if you’ll end up being a ring bearer at your own folks’ wedding and hope you have your suit ready/pressed since it seems you’ll be needing it soon. 😉

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