Nampa Classical Academy Still Receiving Warnings About Bible Usage November 25, 2009

Nampa Classical Academy Still Receiving Warnings About Bible Usage

The Nampa Classical Academy, a charter school in Idaho, is still under fire for using religious texts as the primary sources for teaching material.

They’ve already received five separate warnings from the state charter commission.

The charter commission outlined the allegations for the most recent reprimand. The commission says the school has a shelf of Bibles, used photocopies of the Bible for an assignment, and school officials visited an Arizona school to observe how it used the Bible. The commission also says the school’s curriculum shows it plans to use the Bible, the Qur’an and the Book of Mormon.

The state says of the school’s five warnings, two have been resolved. The school has until mid-December to submit a plan of action to correct the other three. In that plan, school leaders must also present a complete budget. If that is not done, the state could begin the lengthy process of revoking the school’s charter.

(Thanks to Brielle for the link!)

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  • littlejohn

    Idaho, like Utah, is pretty much a Mormon theocracy. I really don’t care what they do. This really doesn’t surprise me; it’s the home of Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig.

  • Kris

    I really don’t see how this is necessarilly a problem. If I were a social studies teacher, I’d probably give my students excerpts from extant religious texts, too. As long as the Judeo-Christian texts aren’t given any kind of primacy, it seems right and proper to include them.

  • Richard Wade

    Five warnings and no consequences. This sounds like the state doesn’t really mean what they say. They want a “plan” in another three weeks to correct the unresolved three offenses? How long ago were those warnings issued, and how long before that did people complain before those warnings were issued? And then if they are not resolved, “the state could begin the lengthy process of revoking the school’s charter.” “Could” means might or might not. Then the lengthy process that “could” be stretched out into years. The people involved are in serious danger of retiring before they have to actually stop their illegal practices.

    Who is dragging their feet harder, the school or the state? Nothing limps along like a law enforced by people who don’t want to enforce it.

    If parents tell their defiant little brat, “If you do that ten more times, you’ll have to stay in your room without TV,” then they have nine guaranteed times the brat will do it, and quite probably several more after that.

  • muggle

    Um, what Richard said. He beat me to it and said it so much better but it’s exactly what I was thinking.

    Exactly how many violations do they have to have before they’re shut down?

  • MyKidsDad

    there have actually been *no* violations of the Charter Commission’s ban on religious texts, but the Academy has made it clear they intend to follow the curriculum originally approved by that Commission–which includes use of various source texts of several religions.

  • get a life

    When I read peoples opinion here all that runs through my head is you have a right to say what you will without a shred of evidence.I have been to the meetings. What you report is just hear say! Also, as long as people agree with your way of life your opened minded..but if they don’t then they are just a”mormon Theocracy” well when the wind blows and the water raises and all hell brakes loose it is the churches that come to help people. So in your world of non believers you should watch a Case for Christ where one Atheist became a christian. All with facts! As for the school good for them teach with a open mind.

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