Children’s Responses to: What Is Evolution? November 25, 2009

Children’s Responses to: What Is Evolution?

Here’s video of children’s responses to the question: “What is Evolution?” It’s sponsored by Charlie’s Playhouse.

The music’s a bit loud, but the responses are entertaining. My favorite is: “Then the monkeys turned into people monkeys” 🙂

It’s still more science understanding than most Creationists could give you…

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  • Matt

    Very cute, but I cringe at the thought of how evangelicals will use this to fire up their congregations. “I didn’t come from no mon-key!”

  • I’m proud to say that the “people monkeys” girl was my daughter.

    Matt, that’s what we should say to Creationists: “it’s true that you didn’t come from no monkey. You came from a people-monkey.”

  • Trace

    Why didn’t I use “people monkey” as my blog name? It is great.

  • Lurker

    From mon-key to man-key. I like it 😀

  • Lurker

    Oh, and that last girl totally knocked it out of the park. Way to go! All these kids really impressed me.

  • Chas

    Hey that’s my kid explaining natural selection in the last part.

    Although she wanted to do a couple takes, that was pretty much off the top of her head.

    Sniff, so proud.

  • I second Matt’s concern. I know none too few Christians who’d rave about how this is some horrible evil thing, how it is indoctrinating children with lies, etc.

  • The kid near the beginning who said “I don’t know” is more honest than creationists.

  • Claudia

    Chas, she really knew that without and coaching?? What is she, five?

    I hope there’s a good school for gifted kids in your area!

  • Claudia

    That’s without ANY coaching (or proof-reading, obviously)

  • Chas


    She’s a smallish 8 year old, but since the view was so tight I can see how you might felt she was younger.

    We did do several takes where she got more comfortable talking to the camera and practicing how she said her answer.

    On the first take when she ran out of steam, I did asked a few questions (What is good about running fast? How did we evolve?). None of those answers made it to the final video because, well, through the takes her simpler explanation was a lot cleaner and to the point.

    She’s interested in science and had read “Sandwalk Adventures” and “One Beetle Too Many.” She also went with me to see Jerry Coyne a couple weeks before. She is in Advanced Placement for Language Arts (our school doesn’t have AP for science, pity).

    (Sorry, extremely proud papa)

  • muggle

    Now that’s the feel-good movie of the year.

    Just out of curiosity, I asked my 6 year old grandson, “What’s evolution?” He answered, “I can’t jump!” (He was playing Harry Potter on the PlayStation.)

    Um, maybe I should go to the website and look for a stocking stuffer or two. In his defense, he’s in the first grade and was distracted.

    To those of you whose kids appeared, these kids were all impressive. Smart and darling as hell. You have every right to bust a couple of buttons on your shirt as your heart swells with pride. (Okay, yeah, I know that was over the top but still…)

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