Camp Quest Texas, 2010 November 24, 2009

Camp Quest Texas, 2010

It’s never too early to get excited about Camp Quest!

Amie Parsons, the director of CQ Texas, recently announced next year’s dates at the Texas Freethought Convention.

Gotta love those presents at the end of the video 🙂

(Thanks to Joe for the link!)

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  • TXatheist

    I’ll see if I can go but my boss said vacations in July and August are not advised.

  • Norm

    Excellent! Our plans for Camp Quest world domination continue as orchestrated.

  • Wendy

    I’m bummed, my kids are too small

  • Pete

    Civilization has reached America!

    Joking aside, I recently watched a UK TV documentary on how religion deals with superstition in Nigeria, where children are condemned as witches and warlocks, and therefore condemned to death, by pastors! Now this may sound like third world barbarism, but it reminded me of this:

    This is America today!

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