Kirk Cameron Action Kit November 22, 2009

Kirk Cameron Action Kit

If I had known about this, it would’ve made combatting Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort‘s misinformation campaign *so* much easier:

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

"Imagine how much I care aboit what you think of me."

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  • that’s adorable

  • Edmond

    oh man, I ’bout fell off my chair… Dick Tooley, that’s priceless! I want that Growing Pains/Last Supper pic for my desktop!

  • Sandra S

    I always had a feeling that the fact that Darwin and Hitler had the same kind of mustache was important. I now know that it’s because they were brothers. Thank you, Kirk Cameron!

  • bill

    i’m actually kinda surprised kirk and ray haven’t started smashing fossils yet….

  • You might also check out our response to the Comfort “campaign” at…and notably, the video, too! (Yes, I work for the NCSE.)

  • Origin of Species is a hard read. So hard, that I had to give up and just say that God musta did it all!

    *We named our Boston Terrier Darwin 🙂