There Are Two Definitions of That Word… November 21, 2009

There Are Two Definitions of That Word…

Looks like we all agree on the subject of God:

(via Bigot Blog)

"Ginny thinks climate change is a hoax? I'm still wearing cargo shorts in winter."

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  • Hmm, I usually use that word sarcastically.

  • Tyler

    Heh, the only character not speaking in that cartoon is the Muslim woman. Wonder what that means?

  • Tim Carroll

    I always use that word (and fantastic) knowing that most people will not use it the way I do.
    Tyler – The muslim woman apparently has no mouth.

  • atalanta_lite

    Wait – how do we know that the speechless one isn’t a cross-dressing muslim man?

  • Skunque

    I initially saw the woman with the “A” on her shirt as having a starfleet insignia. Which would kind of make sense, but really is more indicative that I need to get out from behind the computer screen.

  • Valdyr

    The Muslim woman isn’t talking because she’s from a country where the Pauline ideal of women shutting the fuck up and getting back in the kitchen is played to the hilt.

    I’m more curious about the woman on the far left who appears to be wearing a toga over a t-shirt. Th’ hell?

  • @ Vladyr – toga girl is probably Hindu which would make that a sari and not a toga 😉

    Cute ‘toon.

  • Ben

    More likely Buddhist, since many strains Hinduism believe in god(s).

  • Sandra S

    Wait – how do we know that the speechless one isn’t a cross-dressing muslim man?

    I thought it was a stealthy ninja…

  • I prefer “fantastic” but the point is well made.

  • Thanks for posting this, Hemant.

    Also, there is now a sequel to the comic above. It’s here:

    – Siddharth

  • @Lagunatic and @Vladyr

    Not a “Hindu” girl, an “Indian” one! She is an atheist, and hence cannot possibly be a Hindu! She’s wearing a sari.

  • Crux Australis

    Another word in the same vein is “Unbelievable”.

  • muggle

    Great cartoon!

  • Gwennyd

    HA HA! That’s good!!