Ray Comfort’s Miseducation Campaign Went Live Early November 19, 2009

Ray Comfort’s Miseducation Campaign Went Live Early

***Update***: Ray Comfort has agreed to do an email interview for this site. Please leave your questions in the comments and I’ll pass them along to him.

Ray Comfort lied about when he would be distributing his anti-evolution version of On the Origin of Species on college campuses. He had said he would be doing the deed today. But….

We had a change of plans. We went in on the 18th.

Was it pre-planned or a last-second change? I don’t know.

This really shouldn’t have been a surprise since Comfort distorts the truth for a living.

In any case, copies of his book are out and we’ve learned quite a bit:

It seems he (and his followers) appeared at number of campuses which were not on his original list of 50 schools.

The font size of Comfort’s section is far larger than Darwin’s words:

Is it significant? Not necessarily, but there’s no reason you couldn’t have kept the same font size throughout. The only reason I can think of to increase the font for Comfort’s section is so it stretches to 50+ pages.

Comfort included several pictures in his section of the book.

The single picture that Darwin included in his original version of On the Origin of Species was omitted.

Many of the Secular Student Alliance‘s affiliates had planned counter-events to this campaign. The date change meant some groups had to either revise their plans or hold their activities a day later.

So I’m particularly pleased with the SSA’s press release regarding this issue:

We’re sorry that Mr. Comfort felt he had to mislead everyone just to avoid the counter-efforts of our campus groups,” said August Brunsman, Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance. “Apparently he thought his deception would only work if nobody was around to tell the truth”…

In an attempt to prevent the ministry from tricking college students, the Secular Student Alliance national office assisted affiliated college groups to schedule protests, host speakers, write letters to the editor, show films, and distribute the original version of Darwin’s 150-year old masterpiece. Their plans will go forward despite Comfort’s sudden, unexplained change of dates. The Secular Student Alliance has collected resources to counter Living Waters’ efforts at http://www.secularstudents.org/originintoschools.

The best way to defeat misinformation is with education,” said Brunsman. “We would have loved to have a peaceful exchange of ideas with the ministry, but we’ll settle for having the last word in students’ minds.”

Some people, like Atticus Hannah, found ways to pick up several copies of the book:

I set out to do all I could to keep this immorality away from youngling college students. So I put on my hat, grabbed two bags, tossed on a sweatshirt and headed out to the Ray Comfort people handing out free books at the U. I walked past the first group of people and got a book. I walked past the second group, got a book. I walked past the third group, got a book. Fourth group, book. Fifth, book. Then I doubled around, took off my sweatshirt and hat, and repeated…

I walked away with 22 books. One of which is actually for one of my roommates, one of which is for me. Stitch, in the picture, is posing with all 22 of them.

Even some Christians are embarrassed by Comfort:

So, congrats to you Ray Comfort. You have truly surpassed all previous Attie award winners. You have publically slandered a man (Darwin), you have made all Christians look like ignorant boobs, and worst of all, you have caused people to question the validity of Christ through your dishonesty. You were in the zone today, my friend.

This just creeps me out… (with Spencer Fern, secretary of the [UCLA] Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularists secretary).

Any other thoughts?

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  • Danny

    I go to Ball State University in Muncie, IN and they were out today. They weren’t out for very long though. I got out of class at 1:20 and they were already gone. Fortunately I was able to pick up three copies before class. I’ve only read a little bit so far, but damn is it painful to read this crap right next to Darwin.

  • My name is Nathan from Ohio University.

    I’ve seen a few interviews with you, where you say that irrefutable proof that their was a creator is that we have a conscience. That because we have a sense of right and wrong it must be because some supreme being made us that way. But I ask, what about sociopaths? or psychopaths? Did God just get bored and create conscienceless bodies to walk around and kill his own creations?

  • Yeah, I have some thoughts:
    Ray Comfort Comes Early

  • Joe Agnost

    I can’t believe Ray agreed to an email interview… I can’t wait to read how he avoids answering the questions! 😉

    I really don’t see him answering any questions properly – it’ll be avoid avoid dodge, avoid avoid dodge!

  • Diane

    I got two copies at UIC today. They ran out pretty quickly. It feels like Christmas here in our evolutionary biology lab! Free science books – way better than New Testaments!

  • Pete

    Put some of the spare books on e-bay and raise cash for atheist bus/billboard campaigns. I’m sure Ray (dis)Comfort would appreciate the irony.

  • jenny

    question for comfort:

    how do you keep such a straight face during interviews and speeches?

  • Lifer

    To everyone excited about getting a copy – he removed 4 chapters and edited some things so you might as well toss them away and get a legit copy.

    Ask him why he omitted the information from the book.


    To quote the Banana Man directly:

    “A major concern of Genie Scott was that the copy of On the Origin of Species sent to her by my publisher was missing “four crucial chapters,” as well as Darwin’s introduction. She will be pleased to know that the second printing of 170,000 copies (the one that we will give to students) is the entire book. Not one word will be omitted.”

    WHY?! I think we all know why but it’d be interesting to get his delusional spin on it.

  • RBH

    A question for Comfort:

    It’s plain that you know almost nothing about what science in general and the theory of evolution in particular actually say about the world. Your banana goof was only the most amusing of the falsehoods you preach; there are many more that are as bad.

    Given that, how do you justify talking so much about science when you know so little about it? If I said things about Christianity that were as mistaken as what you say about science you’d be convinced I wasn’t worth listening to. Why should I bother listening to you when you make so many errors about science?

  • Joe Agnost

    Ask Ray why T-Rexes had such sharp teeth if they were indeed “created” to eat vegetables?

    Where did all of the animal feces go on the arc?
    How were the carnivors (sp?) separated from the animals they prey on on the arc? (the arc was after the “fall” right?)

    Man…. there are just so many questions and ZERO chance he’ll answer any of ’em. 🙁

  • Question for Ray:

    All of the arguments against evolution that you added to the introduction of this book have been discredited or plain disproven, some many times over. So why release this book in the first place? Why continue to use easily refutable arguments in furtherance of your goals?

    Indeed, what are your goals, exactly, and how does this book help further them?

  • Questions for Ray comfort:

    1. Why infinite punishment (hell) for finite transgressions (sinning during one’s lifetime)?

    2. Why punish people (like mortality) for transgressions (original sin) of ancestors?

    3. Why does an infinite being desire worship from finite beings at all?

    4. Why create a world with diseases, suffering, and natural disasters?

    All of these questions can simply be answered by dropping the God hypothesis. The first three questions drop away because these concepts exist because positing them were in the interest of the clergy (and some of the authors/translators of the bible). The last question can be answered by EVOLUTION and GEOLOGY.

    Another solution is to assume an evil God. For example, Jesus says to love your neighbor as yourself in your finite life. But then in the supposed infinite afterlife, Jesus directs or allows for the infinite torture of most of those same neighbors. Evil and schizophrenic.

    The only other solution (which is crazy and a cop-out) is that God has in mind an even greater (unknown to us) good that makes all this evil necessary. Would that be the good of heaven? What about all those in hell? What about those in heaven thinking about their loved ones in hell?

    Christianity, with its “saved” and “heaven and hell” concepts is a very messed up theology.


  • I saw someone at the University of Tennessee with a copy on the 17th. At the time I figured she was just a member of whatever campus group was going to give them out, but now I’m supposing not. I guess I should have asked. However, I didn’t see anyone handing out books in the obvious places on the 17th, 18th, or today.. I was hoping to get a copy. Oh well.

    And this is the bible belt buckle, no small number of the people receiving these lie-filled books will believe every word of Comfort’s. It’s unfortunate. I was planning to hang around the people handing them out and read through it aloud, poking holes in each of his arguments as I did.

  • Shawn

    It seems the blogosphere is abuzz with people calling him a liar for lying about or changing the release date. Calling him a liar because he tried to avoid a crowd that wanted to silence him (and many were trying to silence, not debate, him) is petty.

    If you think he lies about evolution, his faith, or anything else meaningful he’s known for, call him a liar. But don’t do it because he made a choice between being heard and being honest.

    Personally, I figure he’s got to be lying about evolution. I can’t see how anyone who’s had that much exposure to evolution, even from the opposite side, could still be honestly misrepresenting it so badly.

    I look forward to the interview.

  • martin

    wow, just wow

  • How should we deal with Ray Comfort? The man is a troll. He creates these little stunts to get attention. But he’s too big to just ignore.

  • Meg McGaffin

    Is there any philosophical or moral conflict that arises in your mind when faced with questions as to how the Bible can be a literal, direct word of God when it was written a couple hundred years after the events it describes? When faced with texts like the Skeptics Annotated Bible how do you resolve the sheer volume of inconsistencies and logical fallacies and continue as if your version and interpretation of the Bible is infalliable? And why are some biblical sins like homosexuality given greater weight by the religious right then say working on Sundays or having tattoos?

  • Question for Ray:

    Why do you still insist that the genders evolved separately when it has been pointed out to you time and time again that it’s populations that evolve and not individuals? PZ Myers even did a post explaining it to you! Do you really not grasp the concept or are you just dishonest?

  • Lifer

    “I can’t see how anyone who’s had that much exposure to evolution, even from the opposite side, could still be honestly misrepresenting it so badly.”

    Do you pay attention to creationists?

  • BH

    A slightly more friendly question:

    What do you believe is the single best line of evidence for evolution by natural selection?

    If (as we all suspect) he doesn’t understand evolution, that question is all you need to show it. Leave the insults and confrontation to the RRS.

  • Joe Agnost

    Slight change to BH’s question:

    What do you believe is the single best line of evidence for creation?

    The fact that they have ZERO evidence I’d love to know how he answers that one!

  • I really don’t know if the books were handed out here at UNB. But I want to have at least one copy of the book. Would anyone be willing to send me one?

  • I subscribe to Ray Comfort’s newsletter, and got his 7 news realeases in which he took quotes from atheists that were said in blogs & comments section with regards to his introduction to the book. The quotes were of people saying they were going to burn the books, or ones like this one which he posted on his blog:

    “Ray, I’m sick of you. You are one of the most horrible people I have ever known of…I hate violence. I think at times it is necessary, but an ugly necessity nonetheless…I hate you, hope you have a heart attack sometime soon, and don’t care in the least if you never let me on this crappy blog again. It’s like a huge digital train wreck that I can’t stop looking at.”

    I would like to ask Comfort why he didn’t link back to the sources of all these quotations that he used. He used these quotations to justify his underhanded change of plans, but from what I read, these quotations were a minority opinion. Why didn’t he link back to the sources so people could see the context, and to see whether there was agreement from other commenters? I would think that that comment inciting violence would have been ripped to shreds by other atheists.

    Quote-mining is a tactic Comfort is constantly guilty of, and in this instance he used it to defend his pathetic cowardice. His preaching is almost always directed at atheists, wouldn’t he want atheists to be around for his give-aways? If anything, atheists burning books and using violence would only help his cause, and he wouldn’t be to blame for any disruption to normal campus activities.

    Sorry that was long, if you use my question feel free to chop that up!

    I still have all 7 news releases, if anyone wants a copy of them I have a contact form on my blog (click my username), I’ll email them to you.

  • I would also like to add that if anyone has a book I’d love a copy too! Or if Ray wants to send me one 🙂

  • What do you believe is the single best line of evidence for evolution by natural selection?

    I agree that this is the best possible question to ask him. I want to see if he avoids it or comes up with something good.

    I’d also like to know why he often reuses arguments against evolution even after it has been explained to him repeatedly that he is wrong. Several people have explained to him how sexual reproduction evolved and he still trots it out like it is some huge mystery. At some point you have to stop thinking that it’s an honest accident and realize that he is just lying. Hovind used to be extremely bad about this too.

  • On top of everything else counterproductive and deceptive Dr. (if he is indeed a doctor) Comfort does, as Jew I find it particularly offensive that he blames Hitler’s genocide on Darwin’s ideas. Dr. Comfort, this idea has been thoroughly debunked. Even assuming Darwin did inspire Hitler, do you seriously think Hitler wouldn’t have launched the Holocaust had the theory of evolution never existed? And if Darwin did inspire Hitler, does this prove that evolution is incorrect?

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Why do we pay so much attention to Ray Comfort? Do we think that anyone who isn’t already a true believer is going to fall for his sleazy con jobs?

  • Miko

    Regarding the font choices, it could be that they used an existing typesetting for the main text and didn’t bother trying to make the new “introduction” match it.

    What do you believe is the single best line of evidence for creation?

    That was already answered in the banana video.

  • Edmond

    Please ask why there are appendixes, wisdom teeth, and male nipples. Please feel free to throw in any other vestigial organs or unnecessary “creations” that I may have forgotten.

  • Sam(uel)

    I don’t think I agree with hoarding the books to keep others from obtaining them. What AgASA did in UC Davis was stand right next to them with signs criticizing creationism and pointing out the introduction and its agenda. It was really snarky for them to pass out the books while only saying, “Here, have a free copy of the Origin of Species,” without mentioning the introduction or why they were passing them out.

    Thankfully they were also preaching out on the campus quad, hellfire-style. It gathered a big crowd of mostly hecklers and people of other faiths arguing with the fundies. In a way, that did our job for us; it became obvious that their passing out these books was only to (poorly) convince people away from science.

  • A question for Ray Comfort:

    You seem to spend a very large amount of your time and energy thinking, writing, and talking about atheists. You spend virtually no time discussing Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, or even pagans and why their belief systems, which are very different from your own, are mistaken. Surely their immortal souls are in as much peril as those of atheists.

    Such time as you do not spend attacking atheism is spent on your (risible) attempts to challenge the concept of evolution. Both of these subjects produce huge volumes of writing and effort from you. And it is apparent that you consider the ideas of evolution and atheism to be somehow linked to one another in some sort of cause-and-effect relationship.

    With that background, my question is — why do these two subjects raise such an existential threat to you?

  • JJR

    Apparently Banana-man’s minions were active across town today over at my library school alma mater, the University of North Texas, but I have no idea if they made it over to Texas Woman’s University where I work. I haven’t seen any announcements about it here, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any.

    Anyway, the UNT Freethought Alliance picked up a few copies for sh*ts and giggles.

  • Edmond

    Also please ask about shellfish, and why it is ok to cherry pick the bible?

  • Richard Wade

    Mr. Comfort,
    Many of your remarks about the theory of evolution and natural selection demonstrate a broad and deep ignorance of the theory and how it is supposed to work.

    It completely undermines your credibility as a critic of a theory if you cannot demonstrate that you actually have a basic grasp of the theory as it is postulated.

    Could you please, in only a paragraph or two, write in your own words (instead of copied and pasted from Talk Origins) your description of how evolution and natural selection are supposed to work according to the theory that is broadly accepted in the life sciences?

    Layman’s terms are fine. No one expects a scientist’s level of understanding. This is not that hard. When I was seven years old, I was able to explain it with basic accuracy to adults.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Phaz

    I’m curious how Ray responds to claims that he plagurized his introduction

  • Richard P

    Dear Ray,
    I saw your banana evidence and then saw after it was pointed out that the specific engineering of the banana was done by man, you agreed the banana evidence wasn’t accurate.
    I ask you, do you do any research into the evidence you choose, or do you just grab anything that sounds good and use it hoping no one will notice the errors?

  • Thegoodman

    Mr. Comfort,

    Why the mustache?
    “Natural beard lines indicate respect for God and His design. God’s priests cannot shave the edges or sides of their beards because they are set apart as holy to God, Leviticus 21:5.”

  • Parse

    Mr. Comfort,
    I commend you for restoring the four chapters you originally excised from Darwin’s text, but why did you not include them in the first printing – including some of the strongest evidence for evolution that Darwin included – yet sell it as the complete, unadulterated text?

    Also, if you are willing to address questions not about the book giveaway, you spend a lot of time fighting against the science of evolution. Like most people who reject creationism, there are types of evidence that would cause me to believe in creationism – such as fossilized rabbits in the Precambrian fossil strata. Is there any theoretical evidence that could be found that would cause you to revise your belief in Creationism to include evolutionary concepts, or cause you to accept an ‘old’ Earth?

  • medussa

    First off: If someone has spare copies of the fake Origins, I’d love a copy. Or, if you really do put them on eBay, give us a heads up, so I can be sure to bid on it.

    Second: a question for Comfort:

    Since you are not all knowing, you have to admit it is at least in theory possible that you are mistaken about your beliefs about evolution, especially in light of all the evidence from so many branches of science that directly contradict your statements.
    Considering this possibility, do you have any concerns whatsoever about the amount of miseducation you are spreading? Do you ever worry about the harm you cause, or damage you wreak if you are indeed mistaken?
    Do you feel any responsibility for trying to persuade students to disbelieve their professors, ignore scientific evidence and the scientific process, to reject critical thinking, and to only accept teaching that complies with someone’s interpretation of some holy texts?
    If you are wrong, as so much evidence persuasively argues, aren’t you committing a horrible sin in your god’s eyes? Do you care?

  • Claudia

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Can you, briefly and in your own words (I’ll be googling!), state your understanding of the scientific method, with a special emphasis on the scientific definition of the words “hypothesis”, “theory” and “law”?

    2. Can you explain how maligning the character of a given scientist (in this case Darwin) does anything to undermine his scientific claims. Would Newtonian mechanics cease to be true if he had been a child molester? If not, what justification is there for maligning Darwin in your introduction, if not merely to predispose the reader to emotionally resist the contents of the book, without addressing it’s scientific merit?

  • llewelly

    Ray Comfort, please read this quote, from Mein Kampf, Chapter XI: “Race and People”:

    Walking about in the garden of Nature, most men have the self-conceit to think that they know everything; yet almost all are blind to one of the outstanding principles that Nature employs in her work. This principle may be called the inner isolation which characterizes each and every living species on this earth. Even a superficial glance is sufficient to show that all the innumerable forms in which the life-urge of Nature manifests itself are subject to a fundamental law–one may call it an iron law of Nature–which compels the various species to keep within the definite limits of their own life-forms when propagating and multiplying their kind.

    It clearly shows that Hitler was a creationist; he denied evolution explicitly. Now that you know this, will you apologize for having linked Darwin and evolution to Hitler, and stop linking Darwin and evolution to Hitler?

    (See here for the source of the quote, and here for who found the quote.)

  • Matt D

    Not withstanding that Comfort is perhaps the world’s greatest douche, I’d love to get a copy of the book (an Atheist collectible if ever there was)

    I’m a bit nervous about reading the email debate – I see Hemant’s FA blog as a haven of reason and rationality. Letting Comfort in is like taking ants to a picnic.

    if anyone has a spare book email me matthewd5000@gmail.com

  • Nicole C.

    I have a few questions for Ray.
    1. Have you ever heard of Project Steve, and, if so, what is your opinion of it, if any?

    2. Why would a creator design a being that breathes and eats through the same opening? Did the creator not consider the possibility of choking, or did the creator WANT the creations to die in this way?

    3. Have you ever seen a wild banana?

    4. Given the choice, would you prefer to be known as Banana-man or Banana-boy?

  • sweet lemons

    Question for Ray:

    Since you consider your theory of creationism to be supported by scientific evidence, then you must certainly be willing to accept new evidence as it is discovered. What kind of evidence would need to be discovered to finally convince you that evolution did indeed occur?

  • Regarding the font, I’d suggest two other reasons for the larger size for Comfort’s words than Darwin’s: 1) Makes people more inclined to read Comfort and then not read Darwin 2) Comfort has a massive ego.

    Regarding Shawn’s remark: Ray lied. No one was going to censor him. Having events planned around in response isn’t censorship.

    Questions for Ray: “Do you ever worry that you are wrong and some other vengeful version of God is correct, like say that of extremist Islam or Ultra-Orthodox Judaism?”

  • Staceyjw

    Please ask him if he would like a campaign where we added a few chapters to the bible.

    Also ask him if he thinks what he did with the Darwin book was deceptive.


  • I won’t even bother asking a question because I know that his response will be filled with logical fallacies, previously disproved claims that he consistently repeats, and flat-out lies.

    I wouldn’t even bother doing the interview, Hemant. The man is an attention whore, and you’re just feeding him what he craves.

  • BathTub

    The date was changed months ago, here is a quote from “Stone the Preacher”

    So a couple of months ago, Ray Comfort changed the date to a day earlier, but didn’t publicize it. In fact, only members of the giveaway knew about the changed date.

    The font decrease was the concession Ray made to go from the incomplete Origin of Species to the complete.

    Things to ask Ray.

    Why didn’t you remove the plagiarism which you were informed of before the intro rewrite.

    Why do you lower yourself to name calling “English Chicken” to Dawkins when trying to get him to debate while simulaneously ignoring the long list of people who have asked to debate you but you ignore? (Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra, Abbie Smith (ERV) amongst many others)

    Why did you use the 1st edition of the Origin of Species rather than the 6th edition which contains significant corrections and a whole extra chapter?

  • BathTub

    Oh and when will he be doing the same routine with the Koran?

  • Hey, I was late for an exam when I notised Comfrot’s cronies on my campus, and when I got done with the exam and went back, they were gone.

    So, if anyone has an extra copy that they would be willing to send me, I would be happy to send you the packaging and pre-paid postage to mail it in.

    Thanks in advance if anyone is willing, it would make an excellent souvenir on my bookshelf.

    Email me at shamarh82@gmail.com
    thanks 🙂

  • To Ray:

    1. This may sound rude, but I mean it genuinely. Do you really not see the the havoc taking the Bible literally has wreaked upon humanity? (Crusades, genocide, sexism, hate crimes, personal injury, etc, etc, etc.) Or are you simply hypocritical?

    2. Why are you a Christian? How do you demonstrate God’s love personally? Is your faith real only as far as attention and media go, or do you actually take time to minister to others?

    3. How do you continue to have faith in light of the overwhelming evidence that you are wrong?

    4. What would you say to those of us who have been Christians, but through intellectual exploration of our own, became atheists? Do you believe that we simply wanted to do things “our own way”, or do you recognize the emotional struggle?

  • Oh, I suppose I will ask one question.

    Why, when challenged about the original version, did you say that you had removed the bit about Hitler in the new version, when it’s CLEARLY still in there? Why did you lie?

  • Oh, yeah, one more thing. In light of your introduction, which (wrongly) talks about the ways evolution has hurt people, what would you say to those of us who have been traumatized by your brand of Christianity? What do you think the solution is?

  • Sivi

    I wish people would stop ragging on him distributing the books early. It’s a good strategic move to try to pre-empt our events, themselves intended to oppose his. It’s a purely political thing and in his position I’d likely have done much the same thing.

    It’s pretty similar to a route being changed or a meeting set earlier than scheduled in order to foil a protest – it’s a legitimate tactic, no matter how frustrating. Comfort lies about enough things that we can focus on real issues.

  • Question for Ray Comfort:

    Why did you choose to leave out the fact that Christian scientists like Francis Collins, Asa Gray, and Fransisco Ayala support evolution as accepted scientific fact?

  • Rest

    A question for Ray Comfort:

    What if it turns out you’ve been worshiping the wrong god and end up going to Hell? Do you think that would be fair and just?

  • Thoughts? I felt flattered that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron decided to show up at our campus of all places. Unfortunately, his timing was off, and he was completely overshadowed by student protests of the midyear fee hike that was going into vote that day.

    Kirk Cameron told me personally that they would distribute more books on the next day (the day they originally announced), but they never showed up. Too bad, I might have offered him one of the free t-shirts we were handing out. Kirk said that they changed the day because they were afraid of big protests and book burnings. That just shows how bad he is at assessing his opponents. We were really just handing out flyers and t-shirts.

  • I have a question for Ray. Could he explain in layman’s terms the “big ideas” behind creationism without having to reference the scientific theory of evolution as a counter to it. I ask because it is my assertion that creationism is vacuous and deceitful propaganda.

    Given the massive amount of evidence supporting evolution and essentially denying creationism the propaganda is only maintained by reference to the gaps in the fossil and biological record and the seeming leaps in development. Can creationism stand alone as a scientific theory in it’s own right? If so where are the peer reviewed papers presenting the case to the scientific community?

    (Hint: there are none that have not been thoroughly discredited)

    Given the lack of evidence for creationism isn’t it deceitful and arrogant to continue to sell the idea to a culture that is in the main scientifically illiterate? There is a dogmatic approach to creationist propaganda that plays on this general ignorance not to educate and enlighten the pubic in science but to try to convert them to a particular misguided branch of a religion. Why can Ray and his ilk not see how harmful such lies are to science education, society in general and to his religion in particular? Does it not concern Ray Comfort that any converts gained are attracted on a false premise.

  • Don’t expect hard answers from Ray. Expect patronizing answers that talk about how you don’t need to know any of that stuff, because Jesus did the only thing that was important and God loves you very very much.

  • Luther

    A couple of questions, sticking to Ray’s area of interest: Fruits and Vegetables:

    1) I like bananas – Why don’t they grow in my yard in Connecticut? – Why are the trees so high that people have to climb to get them? – Why do we have to pay Chiquita for them?

    2) What about artichokes – Why do they have the choke?

    3) Why are some mushrooms poisonous?

    4) Why do we need pesticides? And herbicides?

  • Nadiah

    Dear Mr Comfort

    I understand that Creationists believe that the fossil record is a result of Noah’s flood. Theories for the sorting of fossils so they appear with the simpler organisms at the bottom and the more complex at the top include: (1) the idea that smaller and simpler animals were less able to escape the rising flood-waters, and so got buried first [1]; (2) that the flood caused the break-up of floating forests, with the thin and weak edges breaking up first where only lighter, smaller and simpler plants and animals dwelt [2].

    However, the problem with this is that being smaller does not always mean being simpler. To take just one example for animals, a velociraptor could outrun a wombat any day, but wombats and their baramin appear higher in the record than velociraptors. Similarly, small delicate flowering plants should have lived on the edges of the floating forests, and large and heavy conifers could only live in the middle. But yet again, flowering plants only appear much ‘later’ in the record than conifers, despite the fact that they should be evenly dispersed through the record because flowering plants come in all sizes.

    I would like to know your opinion on this, and particularly if you know of a Creationist theory that provides a better explanation for why plants are sorted from simple to complex than the theories that I have mentioned.

    Thank you in advance for answering my question.

    Kind regards,

    [1] e.g. http://conservapedia.com/Fossil_record#Fossil_record
    [2] e.g. http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v3/n4/floating-forest

  • BathTub

    Oh yeah.

    Why was Darwin’s work banned by the nazi party?

  • Over here in Seattle they showed up around 8:30 or so, but ran out of books before 11 pm and reverted handing out Bible tracts.

    Fortunately, the secular student group managed to get things together really quick and move up the reponse activity (distributing polite fliers with some helpful URLs for simple, accurate explanations of evolutionary phenomena, and announcing the faculty panel discussion which would be covering the issue on Thursday evening).

  • muggle

    Is Kirk Cameron your boy toy? Is he as twitterpated with you as he looks?

  • Jen

    Question for all the atheists/ awesome non-atheists who hang out here:

    Does anyone think this Q&A is going to be constructive? I imagine Hemant will ask questions, Ray will answer with tired old crap, and then he will not engage anyone else in the comment section, as we bash our heads int the wall trying to get him to understand that emotional arguments are not going to convince people who come at their beliefs through logic and observation.

    I feel drained just thinking about it. I am going to go eat a banana and find some aspirin.

  • BathTub

    Hah, Jen, no I don’t, it’s just most of the questions Ray flat out ignores and doesn’t attempt to answer. So I would at least like to see how he avoids some new questions.

    Ray is on a $120,000 salary while pretending to earn just an ‘average wage’, he’s a charlatan through and through.

  • Eupraxsophy

    Even though I feel that somehow Ray Comfort will most likely resort to his usual set of excuses as opposed to any real explanations or rational and reasonable answers I would still like to ask some questions and see what his response would be.

    (1)Why does it say in the Bible Old Testiment implying testimonies from witnesses and in Genesis 1:1 it says; “In the beginning God Created Heaven and Earth”, then who would your witness be?
    And if it’s Moses that wrote the Torah then how could he be the witness that was there when God created Heaven and Earth?
    And if this isn’t a testimony from an actual witness, then how can anyone even know that the Bible and any of it’s other content are true? Because it presents itself as being a collection of testimonies from the very beginning.

    (2) What credentials do you have in which you have enough knowledge and understanding about evolution to know that it can’t possibly be in anyway truth nor even an actual science? And if so then what scientific journal(s) have you published your findings in so that other scientist can have an opportunity to weigh it with other known facts? What truth and/or evidence do you know of, or have that completely disproves evolution and contradicts it’s evidence?

    (3)If you want to compare Hitler with Darwin, then why are you and your followers passing out propaganda? That is one of the methods that Hitler use to gain power.

    Here is something for you Ray Comfort to consider. Knowledge and wisdom are the subjects to the nobility of truth, so if thy caution thyself not to be the FOOL and thy have a boastful tongue then let it be that which rest upon thy head the Crown of Truth. For the integrity of the wise is to be found in truth, so then where shall it be found in that of the FOOL? And this above all things to thy own self be TRUE.

  • muggle

    No, Jen, I don’t. Hence, the obvious question that would obviously result in immediate denial. I’ll read the interview but I pretty much expect it’ll go the way you say. Charlatons don’t answer questions honestly.

  • Revyloution

    Lifer said

    “I can’t see how anyone who’s had that much exposure to evolution, even from the opposite side, could still be honestly misrepresenting it so badly.”

    Do you pay attention to creationists?

    Atheists (and Christians who are able to accept modern science) are perfectly capable of accurately describing the creationist view point.

    I think thats the main difference between most creationists and those who accept the conclusions of science. Most creationists that I talk to have almost no understanding of biology, where I have a firm grasp on their ‘theory’ of creation.

    I think that the next debate between science and creationism should begin with the debaters first explaining how much of the opposing sides ideas they understand.

  • maplebar

    I go to the University of Southern California and the other day, one of my friends came home, excited at the free copy of On the Origin of Species she had received on campus. I had known about the Ray Comfort edition but I still felt a little shocked at the fact that such deceit was occurring on my own campus, against my fellow Trojans. I flipped through the introduction and explained to her the truth about its purpose. She told me she hadn’t even realized it and that made me wonder how many other students also hadn’t realized it. Funny thing is, she followed with, “It’s ok. I don’t know who reads introductions anyway.” Haha oh college kids..

  • llewelly

    Why are the trees so high that people have to climb to get them?

    God created the Tyrannosaurus Rex to pick bananas for humans. But naughty Eve, filled with sinful desires, tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and manipulated Adam into tasting it as well. From that day forth, mankind has lived in a Fallen World, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, turned to violence by the Sins of Man, has lusted after human flesh ever since.

  • llewelly

    But Hitler spoke about evolution in his autobiography and then used it correctly for his own ends. He took survival of the fittest to its logical conclusion.

    I see this, and I note that my question was not included in the interview. I would like to know why.

  • John

    I have a question for Mr. Comfort. First off, understand that I am not an atheist. I do believe in God. I understand that by posting this here I’m gonna catch some flak, but I have a question for Ray and this seems like a simple way to get it to him. Besides if any of you can answer it with out using something to the effect of “Because he doesn’t exist” I’d be impressed.

    Why would God punish something which He created, for doing exactly what He created it to do?

    Because if He created us, and everything, and knows exactly what we are going to do at any given time, througot our lives even, then why would He be mad when we did exactly what He knew we were going to, and in fact made us to do?

  • Arny

    Poor trees, you have been sacrificed for nothing…. the books published by Bridge-Logos Publishing and title adulterated by Ray had been reduced to unsolicited junks. Worst, the deceptive title and cover conned people into buying it… how naughty can Ray get (or was it the publisher’s idea)?

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