Jesse Back from UnreasonableFaith November 19, 2009

Jesse Back from UnreasonableFaith

By Jesse Galef

I spent the last week filling in for Daniel Florien at UnreasonableFaith. Writing just three posts a day gave me an appreciation for how much time Hemant and Dan put into their blogs, especially given that they have full-time (and then some) jobs. A round of applause is due.

If you don’t read UnreasonableFaith, you should go check it out. I had a few posts I particularly enjoyed writing, including one looking at vigilante justice in our cultural stories (Boondock Saints or Sinners) and one on the similarities between reported alien encounters and demon encounters (Aliens vs Demons).

I was hoping to pick up here at FriendlyAtheist where I left off at UnreasonableFaith: inviting everyone to add me as a friend on facebook and follow me on my nascent twitter account. I’ve been looking to get more involved in the nontheistic community – both online and in person (or IRL as young folks say.)

In that last post I also put up a picture of myself that I’ve been thinking about long time and finally got around to doing:

Jesse Galef reading The Portable Atheist while breakdancing

I figured The Portable Atheist is a fairly recognizable cover. Contrary to what some on facebook are insisting, the starbursts are just my reflective Newbalance logos. It is not God.

For those of you who don’t believe me, feel free to send money and I’ll send you more information – including pictures – of my hol(e)y shoes for you to worship.

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  • Emily

    epic picture. The Portable Atheist is currently holding up my computer monitor but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it!

  • Considering the position of those starbursts, I though Jesse was displaying stigmata.

  • Casimir

    It is *clearly* the Flying Spaghetti Monster, revealing himself through your sneakers. In fact, if you look at the right foot, you can easily make out one of His Noodly Appendages!

  • Mike

    Is that how you read all your books or just that one?

  • Paulmond

    That picture is freaking cool.

  • muggle

    How’d you do that!?

    Sigh, ah, youth, I miss you. (I just upgraded from cane to rolling walker today after missing two more days of work due to not walking. Being crippled really sucks!)

    Groan, too much internet, too little time. I can’t wait to retire. (Though, hopefully, since I have a desk job, I can tough out the three years I have left.)

    I will try and make some time this weekend to check it out. Those posts sound interesting.

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