Skepticon II This Weekend November 18, 2009

Skepticon II This Weekend

If you live within driving distance of Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri) and you want to meet/listen to some of the biggest names in skepticism and atheism, consider attending Skepticon II this weekend!

Just check out who they have there this weekend:


Best of all: The event is free of charge.

Here’s the weekend’s schedule.

It’s sponsored by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster at Missouri State and donations are always welcome.

(Thanks to Jordan for the link!)

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  • BathTub

    You might like to shrink down that image rather than just force it to look smaller.

    Dang that’s an impressive list of speakers, and for free? Hope it’s packed.

  • Pseudonym

    That’s some beautiful graphic design there. Who designed the poster?

  • Holy hell, that picture is HUGE!

  • Anne

    “the biggest names in skepticism and atheism”

    Gotta tell ya, never would’ve thought ten years ago I’d ever hear or read a phrase like that. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Pseudonym

    Anne, I noticed that too. It’s only quite recently in history that skepticism and atheism have been confused.

  • Shameless plug: if you’re in Springfield for Skepticon, how ’bout taking a short road trip to Tulsa, OK, and catch my one-man comedy about a man in recovery from being raised fundamentalist:Born Again Yesterday. Sunday night at 7pm.

    Tulsa’s 3 hours from Springfield, but if you’re interested in info I’d be happy to provide it.

  • MathMike

    I’ll be there! It should be a blast.
    justin: I’m 2 hours away from you. Will you have any other dates?

  • Guffey

    Seriously, just for my sanity (or maybe lack of)… isn’t it Whom would Jesus smite?

    Running away now…

  • magetoo

    That image is not only huge and takes forever to load, it damn near crashed my browser. Please, consider making a clickable thumbnail next time.

  • Made my browser pretty much unusable as it loaded too, and the final 550×362 scaled result was unreadable anyway. 2.1MB of graphic from a slow link, just to drastically scale it down, is a mistake. I’m going to have to avoid for a few days until this gets bumped off the main page.

  • DreamDevil

    Thank BBB for my lovely 100 Mbit connection, image loaded instantly.

    IMHO, Gawd has his sights set squarely on PZ “the destroyer of crackers” Myers.

  • I fixed the image size. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the computer issues!

  • I for one am quite amazed that our small, sleepy, conservative town is getting such a huge boon! I can’t wait til tomorrow. 🙂
    Although, I do have to agree the name and agenda mismatch is disconcerting. While atheism is borne from skepticism, every item on this event’s agenda (save for maybe Joe Nickel’s slot) is about religion.
    Which is fine by me, but it really should be called Atheicon or something.

  • Chal

    Now the picture’s too small to read. 🙁

  • Now the picture’s too small to read.

    I hate you all.


    I’ve updated the image so it takes you to the larger version 🙂

  • mathmike: not till the spring

    If I weren’t doing my show this weekend, I’d be in Springfield. You all have fun!

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