Jeez-It November 16, 2009

It might be blasphemous for some, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting hungry…


That was created by Rev. C.S. Rowan at the forums of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

(Thanks to Ubi Dubium for the link!)

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  • cypressgreen

    It’s shown being served with (I assume) wine. Don’t they have to put “serving suggestion” on the box? And is it Kosher?

  • ImmortalityLTD

    I’ll pass. I remember what I had to sit through the last time I had one. It’s like those “FREE DISNEY TICKETS” that you have to sit through a sales pitch for an Orlando timeshare beforehand.

  • gski

    “100% REAL JESUS” I presume it will be found in the meat department.

  • Jason Sexton

    Do the plus marks help you know which side goes up when you eat them?

  • This made me laugh. Reminds me of the Dane Cook spiel for his Comedy Central show (from a few years back).

  • 100% real jesus.
    Good one 🙂

  • Are they consecrated or not?

    It’s an important question – I need to know if I need Peanut Butter or Gravy.

  • Yes, I remember this from Dane Cook as well. It was quite hilarious the way he went on about his “Christ-Chex” I believe! But Ew. Those things taste like paper. May be good for those on a diet, I suppose.

  • Jim

    I’ll need to read the nutritional info first. HFCS? I hear the Jeez-it Rice are pretty tasty.

  • Brian E

    If they want to convert me, Jesus better have that delicious, addicting cheese flavor the real cheez-its have!

  • I’m I the only one thankful this wasn’t a package of Jizz-its?

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    No, you werent the only one. Though now that you mention it, I suspect I have a couple of friends who would love to stuff their face full of… yeah, never mind.

  • Dave

    An image eerily similar to this one was created 4 years ago on the Something Awful forums…

    Third one down on their “Make Cereals Offensive” photoshop contest. Hilarious stuff 🙂

  • Alexis

    Among the DVD extras for Kevin Smith’s film ‘Dogma’ was an ad for Hosties breakfast cereal.

  • Daniel Dorfman

    No joke, i am actually eating cheez its right now. creepy.
    Hot & spicy cheez-its ftw!

  • Jake

    This reminds me of a cartoon I read once on “The Rut”:

  • Tim

    I had a similar idea using a Cheezit’s box logo photoshopped to say “Cheezit’s Saves” and put it on a Tshirt.

  • Sideshow Bill

    Do they come in nacho cheese flavor?

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