The Intellectual Capability of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron November 15, 2009

The Intellectual Capability of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron will soon be distributing copies of Darwin’s masterpiece (along with a Creationist introduction) at campuses across the country.

I don’t think that’ll go over so well… many college students (though not all) are capable of thinking for themselves and that’s not good for Cameron or Comfort, who need you to follow them where the evidence doesn’t lead.

Many affiliates of the Secular Student Alliance are planning events around the misinformation campaign.

Maybe Comfort and Cameron would be better off reaching out to people who won’t rebut their claims:

(via Atheist Cartoons)

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  • Jim

    That’s good, I’m LOL.


    I would laugh my guts out if the students kicked both their asses all the way to the entrance of the University. And have the Press on hand to record the event.

  • I would object to exposing toddlers to such nonsense as those two nutters come out with. Fairy tales are one thing but creationism….pure nonsense.

    Other than that it was most amusing.

  • This is what happens in Sunday School. This is how religion is perpetuated from generation to generation.

  • Luther

    Actually the kids could educate Comfort.

  • swizzlenuts

    Anybody know what date they are supposed to go to the schools?

  • Cute.

  • At this point I’m really beginning to suspect that “RayCam” is a viral anti-theist publicity ploy. They’re just too absurd, even for creationists.

    That being the case I say to them, “Keep up the good work!”

  • LOL!

  • Philadelphia reporter

    Hey folks – I noticed this event is set for Thursday and was wondering if anyone had any information about the group distributing these books on the Penn campus.

    Anyone got any leads at all? I’d be very grateful if anyone had a name.

    Post here or email me at notsuchgoodnews AT gmail.

    Thanks all.

  • muggle

    Do these two make anyone else’s gaydar go off? With apologies to sane homosexuals.

    These two are so joined at the hip and Cameron stares so adoringly at Comfort in any video I’ve yet seen of both of them. He’s hanging on to his every word and practically drooling. Like someone twitterpated.

  • Owl700

    Philadelphia reporter…
    Every time I check for delivery dates things seem to change. Now it looks like this “free book” is turning into a nice little money maker for this nut.
    Does he make everyone want to run away screaming or is it just me?

  • Owl700

    Scratch that last comment. Everything you need to know and fun things to do can be found at
    Thanx to PZ!

  • CiCi

    AHh they’re here at Dartmouth! I just passed a Christian-based group from upper NH, standing at intersections giving away free copies. I picked up one up for entertainment value and …memorabilia. But we don’t have a student alliance to counteract their message!

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