Vinyl Sagan November 14, 2009

Vinyl Sagan

If you read science or atheist blogs, odds are you’ve seen the video of “A Glorious Dawn,” which featured remixed versions of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking.

The autotuned song was created by John Boswell.

Now, Third Man Records is putting out a limited edition 7″ vinyl record release of the song:

Third Man Records, in conjunction with United Record Pressing, fabricated a special “Cosmos Colored Vinyl” of which 150 copies will be available…50 randomly inserted into mail orders for “A Glorious Dawn” and the remainder to be made available at the Third Man Records Nashville store front at noon on November 9th.

The one-sided single features a very special etching on the flipside. Reproduced from the original artwork, the etching copies the etching included with the Voyager Golden Record, set off into space in 1977 as the most elaborate message-in-a-bottle idea ever imagined. With its inclusion of Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was The Night” it goes without saying that the Voyager Golden Record is one of Third Man’s favorite releases of all-time.

You can purchase it here. It’s $6, including shipping, for Americans — a little more for the rest of you.

On a side note, is a Vinyl Sagan like a Velvet Elvis?

(Thanks to Roy for the link!)

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  • Dave

    Oh shit! Ordering one!

  • postsimian


  • muggle


    Here’s one I liked even better that someone (Unholy Roller, thank you) turned me on to in The American Heathen’s chatroom during his show last night, (check that out next Friday too):

    Symphony of Science

    Don’t insult Sagan. These scientists are way cooler than Elvis! (Disclaimer: along with Jebus, I’m the rare individual you’ll find who cannot stand Elvis.)

  • just ordered.


  • Sackbut

    (Disclaimer: along with Jebus, I’m the rare individual you’ll find who cannot stand Elvis.)

    Jebus can’t stand Elvis? What too much competition in the “not REALLY dead, immortal worshiped idol” department?

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    @muggle, Sackbut

    I thought Elvis was Jebus! Died, came back to life, worked with the poor, lots of people have claimed they were him over the years – I’m telling you, all the evidence is there.

  • Jen

    Vinyl? I think I read about that once.

    In a history book.

    No, seriously, I have no idea how to play one.

  • First time commenting here, but I just got my copy. It’s a pretty little thing. Too bad my vinyl player broke.

  • Jerad

    Had to order, I think they may have underestimated the interest.

  • jtradke

    Done and done. Awesome.

  • Woohoo! Ordered it! I’m obsessed with this song

  • JJR

    Can they put “We Are All Connected” on Side B?
    (the autotuned one with Neil De Grasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Sagan, and Richard Feynman)??

  • alcari

    7″ vinyl? What a weird size and material for a DVD…

  • billybee

    Sorry to be a “turd in the punchbowl”…but…I heard it and IMHO it’s like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Do we have to over-digitize EVERYTHING?

  • llewelly

    Judging from the content of this thread, half the world’s owners of vinyl record players are regular readers of this blog …

  • muggle

    Jebus can’t stand Elvis?

    Geeze, and I’m a secretary too and have been one for a mighty long time (35, almost 36 years). I think I need to retire. But that gave even me a chuckle, sackbut. Must be that pelvis!

    No, Demetrius, can’t be. Jebus would be embarrased to do the pelvis thing. Well, except maybe in private for Mary Magdelene.

    Jen, I’m old enough to know what vinyl is. (I also know shorthand, take dictation at 100 wpm, a valuable skill I acquired back in the day, won’t get me a job these days.) And even I don’t own any. I once had quite an extensive collection, gathered over about 30 years of listening pleasure, starting in the 60’s when I was a kid, including a couple of really valuable collectibles, but lost them all in a house fire. And, no, damn it, I wasn’t insured.

    Never went back to vinyl, CD’s were already out and no scratching, easier to store, easier to skip numbers you didn’t like. No player now so I’m not ordering. Am saving the you-tube clips.

  • Armand Tanzarian

    jjr: Actually they etched a replica of the voyager Golden Record to Side B. Its a beautiful thing, they did the best they could on a 7″ vinyl with a large hole in the middle.

    Its a beautiful even if, like me, you’re not really a vinyl user. I have it on my display and when I get back, it’s getting framed… after I play it a few hundred times on my friend’s CDJ.

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