Atheist Bus Ads and Billboards: A Compilation November 11, 2009

Atheist Bus Ads and Billboards: A Compilation

All those atheist bus ads and billboards have been going up for just over a year since the British one took the country by storm. (Edit: The British one wasn’t the first atheist billboard to ever go up, but it was the one that got the most publicity and started the worldwide trend.)

Why not compile them all?

If you see one that I forgot, leave a comment with a link to the pic or email me, and I’ll update the list!

(Pics after the jump)

fresh green grass with bright blue sky

























NOSHA Billboard - Design

(Inspired by Atheism Examiner)

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  • It’s amazing how stating the obvious can get so many people riled up.

  • Thanks for this. I have found all of these bus ads and billboards very inspiring. To see them all together really gives a good indication of the momentum this type of advertising has gotten.

  • Wow. That’s quite the collection.

  • The truth hurts sometimes 🙂
    Now we need these signs on every street and in every school !

  • I’m quite embarrassed about the Swedish ones. They start the same as the originals – “There is probably no god”, but rather than the nice positive message of “stop worrying and enjoy your life”, they say “and yet he affects you”.

    The Swedish Humanist Association already have a reputation for being whiny bastards. We could’ve used this campaign to counteract that image. But alas…

  • I posted this link in another topic before Hemant posted this compilation of atheist ads. The link is more relevant here…

    POLL regarding Cincinnati’s atheist billboard…

  • The Santa one made me chuckle. I can hear little Southern Sally right now:
    So, Mama?? Santa ain’t nutin’ but a big fayt hair-aTEEK??

  • I’m so happy we finally have gotten such exposure with these. I’m considering a similar internet billboard campaign. I’ll let you know if I go through.

  • Dang! I looked down through all the posters, hoping to see Ariane Sherine..

    Disappointedly yours.

  • chutz

    You forgot Montreal, Quebec:

    I think I sent you the link to this at the time it was placed as well.

  • ursulamajor

    Completely off topic.

    Check the last game,

    “Devil May Cry”.

    I just had to share.

  • Quentin

    For the most part I think the ads are too passive. If there is any claim or positive assertion coming from atheists, I think it could be best summarized as: All Gods Are Imaginary. I’d like to see that on a billboard. It’s confrontational but I think we need to be more aggressive. People are attracted to controversial issues, and I think it would be more effective to send a challenging message to religious people rather than those who are already agnostic or atheists.

    If we can attract religious people to explore our websites and organizations through conspicuous and challenging messages, they just might find that what we are saying makes sense. Ultimately our goal is to make all religious people understand that religion is primitive superstitious bullshit, so we need to make more of an effort to reach out and challenge religious people and loudly, publicly, refute their absurd ideology with logic and reason.

    Religion is the worst thing that humans have ever done to themselves, and if we expect to eradicate it then we’re going to have to be more proactive.

  • chutz — That link doesn’t work! Not sure which billboard you’re talking about…

  • Eduard

    Simply amazing! Great post! If only in my goddamn country (Romania) they would do this. Highly unlikely, but worth the shot!

    I agree that us atheist have to be more proactive, even if it means getting bashed.

  • ursulamajor

    Crap…I didn’t get the link in and now can’t find the site. No more martoonis in the afternoon!

  • Going up soon on buses in Portland, Oregon too!

  • This is only half of the issue. I have been running that Billboard Wars Project on for awhile now. We need photos of offensive Christian Billboards to compare with the atheist billboards.

    Please help the Billboard Wars Project.

  • ihedenius

    chutz link works for me. The link is to
    “Association Humaniste du Québec (AHQ)”. There’s a photo of a bus with “DIEU N’EXISTE PROBABLEMENT PAS”

  • @DangerousTalk

    Christonabike!!! That is some scary shit right there.

  • In The Netherlands, there was one pretty big billboard next to a highway, close to Amsterdam Airport, along with smaller ones in selected cities.

    Here’s a link to a picture on the website of a very Reformed Daily newspaper:

  • Kelly
  • Diane

    What an impressive collection! I went this morning to see the Chicago COR sign and get a picture before it gets taken down. It was like a godless pilgrimage.
    I just started a Flickr group that people can add photos of atheist billboards to:
    When I get a chance, I’ll start hunting through Flickr and inviting people to add to it, but of course people can join any time!

  • Quentin, this one is certainly less passive:

    I’ve seen pictures of this billboard floating around the Internet, but does anyone know where it was located or who put it up? Or if it’s even real? It doesn’t appear to have been photoshopped, but I can’t tell for sure.

  • In Italy atheist slogan was censored. Only published a photo of the bus atheist. Ciao!

  • Mattia

    Fuckin’ great 🙂

  • Naturally, deists are outraged at these signs. Yet, for them to engage in any form of brainwashing of children and adults is not only OK, it is “for the right cause”. So that makes lies, misquotes, and distortions “a blow for righteousness.”

    Freedom of speech and thought is the mortal enemy of all religions. That’s why they all work very hard to repress them.

  • everettattebury

    @Quentin and Anna: here is the story about the “ALL RELIGIONS ARE FAIRY TALES” billboard

    And here‘s a poster from the Danish Peoples Nihilist Party.

    It reads: “Stop the Church Bells! Fuck your salvation- we have a hangover”

  • What gets to me is that people are SO insecure about their religion and beliefs that a simple thing like a billboard or a bus ad can put them on the defensive.

    The replies to the newspaper article about the billboard in Florida have been downright venomous in some cases.

    Fortunately that seems to be only about 10% of the respondents.

  • Kevin

    a Buddhist here. (not a very good one)

    I really enjoyed this post. I feel there needs to be more billboards like this.

    I never met an Atheist that I did not like.

  • Here’s a compilation of proposed new boards:

    By the way, regarding the one from Sweden above saying “Gud finns nog inte” (“There’s probably no god” in english). I don’t know if there are any other swedes hanging around here but if there are any, you might want to see this: Existens – del 6 | It’s part 6 in a series called Existens ( “Existence” if that needs translation) about religion. This episode is about the swedish Humanist society who are responsible for that billboard.

  • Christopher

    I don’t know, sure they are good points, but I don’t think they are likely to do anything other than convince a slim minority, and anger a lot of christians. I think the way to improve our national image would be to post good messages that people can all agree on, and then just say ‘sponsored by [insert atheist organization here]’, here are some I think would be nice:
    “Answer your children’s questions, and they will trust you. Lie to them, and they will never trust you”
    “Answer your children’s questions, and they won’t look for the answers in the wrong places”
    “spend time with your family, you won’t regret it”
    “Care about the future, you or your children will have to live through it”
    “Help others around you, and they will return the favor, even if only with love”
    “Work hard at everything you do in life, and Life will repay you”

    That kind of thing would really make a lot of christians re-evaluate their hate of us, and really make people question if we really are so bad. And right now, I think that is probably the most important thing for us to do is improve our public image. Maybe if we weren’t hated so much, people would listen to us more often, then the other billboards actually begin to have good effects. But right now, the hate of atheists makes us not even a viable option for those who might be questioning their faith and want a way out. Lets become a viable option. Plus, children brought up that its ok to ask questions end up atheists more likely than those that don’t.

    I mean think about it, the more questionable christian groups use ads like this all the time to help reverse their image. Mormons especially have to do a ton of this kind of advertising. I think it would help us a ton, as oppossed to making all of us feel better, and further alienating the hordes of christian masses.

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