That Baby Doesn’t Accept Evolution! November 9, 2009

That Baby Doesn’t Accept Evolution!

That’s the problem with babies.

They may be born atheists, but they are also born not believing in the theory of evolution.

Keith Lowell Jensen explains at the 0:20 mark.

He’s joking but I actually like the line.

We are born without belief in God; that belief has to be drilled into us. If no one taught us what to believe, no doubt children would come with an explanation for how our world and the creatures inside of it came to be.

It’s our job to provide children with natural explanations so they don’t go chasing after the popular mythology their friends may buy into.

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  • Do we believe in God because we really do, or because we were taught by our parents the christian religion, bhuddism, etc?

    Likewise, do we believe in the theory of evolution because we truly believe in it, or because we were taught it in schools?

    Sure, parents are there to provide explanations of the world, but I’m sure that children, when they grow up, will decide for themselves what to believe.

  • I actually disagree with this definition of “atheist.” I think atheist should mean the conscious rejection of theism, or the assertion that gods don’t exist. I don’t think, therefore, it’s accurate to say that everyone is born an atheist.

  • Ben

    How can you disagree with this definition? It is the definition of atheism, in the broadest sense: the absence of belief in a deity. Your desire for it to only apply to “conscious rejection” is irrelevant. All that is relevant is how the word is commonly defined, and that common definition does not specifically include your disclaimer.

    Children are born atheists because they have no concept of theism or deities — this is a definition of the word, whether you like it or not. Either that atheism is strengthened via education, in which is may become conscious rejection, or it is eliminated by indoctrination.

    To deny the meaning of words is to destroy the possibility of rational debate.

  • Stagyar zil Doggo

    Of Topic:

    I’ve been seeing the following three “sponsor ads” repeat on the right pane of your homepage for the last few days:

    * Website Hosting

    * hookah & shisha

    * Batesville Caskets

    The middle one is a seller of tobacco products. Just wondering if you’re aware of this, or care.

  • muggle

    Seriously, Stagyar. This is what you’re worried about?

    And every baby is born an Atheist, thank you very much. I’ve been screaming that Hilary Clinton for years. Probably why I want her to keep her freaking village out of my child.

    I don’t know whether I liked this video so much for that or because of the new daddy cuteness. He’s got to learn his voice can wake her. 😉 He will.

  • Yes, my kids are currently atheists because my husband and I are.
    Teaching them to eat babies, love the gays, and do all the other immoral stuff we do will take time and patience – but I think we’re up to the challenge.

  • Stagyar zil Doggo


  • muggle

    That’s sad, Stag. You worry too much. And I thought I did.

  • Stagyar zil Doggo

    To be sure, I’m not losing sleep over it. 🙂

    But it grates. Like having a meal at a favored restaurant spoiled by the stink of someone lighting up at the next table.

  • @Lagunatic, hang in there and I’m sure both our babies will be surpass even their parents in immoral, monstrous behavior. 😀

    @muggle, the theory, which may blow up in my face, is that she’ll become accustomed to a noisy house and be able to sleep through it. It’s more likely than trying to get this particular house quiet. We are a loud people.

  • Zar

    ACTUALLY, the idea that babies are Born Atheists is not true either. It seems that we are born with an innate instinct towards God.

    Even if so, though, don’t you think Atheists should drop the claim that belief in God got started as a means of explaining the world around us, before Science came along. I mean, what proof do you even have of that? I’d say as much as you have proof that babies lack belief in a god or gods. None.

  • Zar, that’s news to me! I was certainly born an atheist, as I had no god-concept in my head at all until I was 7 or 8 years old. And I was far older than that before I realized people in the modern world honestly believed in such things.

    Children don’t spontaneously start believing in deities. They have to be introduced to the idea of them by their respective cultures. That’s why religions work so hard to get them when they’re young. Most children in our culture don’t remain default atheists much past toddlerhood.

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