I’m Jealous of My Soul-Buyer November 6, 2009

I’m Jealous of My Soul-Buyer

My friend Jim Henderson, a.k.a. “He Who Bought My Soul on eBay,” is going to be featured on an episode of This American Life this weekend!

The subject: Bait and Switch.

This week the theme is Bait and Switch and of course they thought about Christians.

So they found Off The Map because we are in the business of helping Christians learn how to not be jerks which means we hear a lot of jerky stories (some of which are bait and switch).

So last weekend I found myself sitting in the studios of KUOW / NPR Seattle (94.9 FM), headphones firmly situated, with Ira Glass in the middle of my head talking with me. The conversation continued for an hour and fifteen minutes…

I suppose Jim still technically owns my soul… which means I can safely say I have now met Ira Glass.

My life is complete.

I can’t wait to hear the episode.

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  • Jim Henderson

    If someone doesn’t have a soul and it disappears during an auction and only 2 people heard about it – did the soul buyer ever really purchase anything

    Hemant- Since you believe that you are actually souless (were talking Christian not funky sense of soul here)then I probably never owned anytyhing of substance.

    Hey you can have Joel and I’ll take Ira ( whom I assume is an atheist – I’ll ask)

    How’s that for a trade?

    Hope you are well

  • I didn’t think your life would be complete until you married Jennifer Garner?

  • I didn’t think your life would be complete until you married Jennifer Garner?

    My life has several degrees of completion.

  • Siamang

    Yay! It’s Jim!!!

    Hi JIM!

    I can’t wait to hear the episode either. I love Ira Glass. I’m really glad that Off The Map will get this exposure!

  • As long as you can listen to and enjoy ABBA, you still have a soul. ;-P

  • Matt

    Hemant! Next time your soul is in Seattle, you have to let me know so we can… well, actually I’m not sure what I’d do with your soul here.

  • Gee Hemant, if Jim Henderson bought the exclusive rights to your soul, does that make him your soul distributor?

  • Eliza

    Great comments on the show tonight, Jim, particularly your response to Ira Glass (aka The Atheist) when he questioned your “technique” as a Christian. Now who would have thought we’d ever hear a discussion like that on the radio?

    I was amused that the segment of the show you were featured on was apparently titled “Raw Sex”. Won”t that look great on your resume! 😉

    But seriously, folks. Jim is the person I credit with getting me involved in dialogue about religion & my atheism, and the various ways ALL of us can work on making the world a better place (MTWABP). Jim was the one who catalyzed the conversations which eventually led to me embarking on new experiences like going to Guatemala with a Habitat for Humanity work group this summer. With my young son. (And a very collegial group of people who spent exactly 0% of the trip praying OR evangelizing.)

  • TXatheist

    Hope you are well Jim.

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