The Second Annual Texas Freethought Convention November 4, 2009

The Second Annual Texas Freethought Convention

For the second year in a row, atheists in Texas are organizing a Texas Freethought Convention. This year, it’ll take place on November 14th in San Antonio.

Speakers include Victor Stenger and Dan Barker.

Also noteworthy: the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center will be on hand conducting a blood drive.

Next year, I say they bring a surgeon to the scene to do on-site organ donations. That. Would. Rock.

Ticket information and more details can be found here.

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • Cindy

    Oh, man! I would love to attend…but it’s high school football playoffs that weekend! And football reigns supreme in Texas! Maybe after the kids graduate in a couple of years….

  • Amyable Atheist

    Nice – I was momentarily inspired to jump in the car and finally see San Antonio, but then I remembered that my car’s in the shop with an as-yet-undetermined thing that made it die in the I-80 Hammond toll plaza the other night 🙁 Anyway congrats Texas – give up some blood, then have a cookie and a blast!

  • Edmond

    I’m sorry, I’ve been confused somehow. Te… Texas? Freethought? This isn’t making sense somewhere. Does… not… compute…

  • Minneyar

    Hmm. I’d be interested in this, but going to their web page makes my eyes bleed. Seriously, did I get stuck in a time warp and sent back to the early 90’s or something? Maybe I’ll try again later and see if I can get any useful information out of it…

  • TXatheist

    I might make it but San Antonio may not work with my schedule. Football is over-rated in Texas. Parade magazine annually puts out the top 55 players and most ain’t from ego exaggerated Texas but CA, OH, PA and FL. I’m a Longhorn fan but FL will win the BCS bowl unless Tebow is injured.

  • JJR

    San Antonio’s a bit far for me; I’m waiting for it to roll around to the DFW Metro area (where I live) or the Houston area (where my parents live)–then I’ll plan to go.

  • Amanda

    Texas Freethought Convention is confirmed for Dallas next year and Houston 2011!

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