What Is Evolution? Just Ask the Children… November 3, 2009

What Is Evolution? Just Ask the Children…

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin‘s most famous book, Charlie’s Playhouse is putting together a really interesting project.

We’re asking parents to pose a simple question to their kids: “What is evolution?” and let us know the very first answer.

We’ll weave their answers into a short, fun video, and release it to the world on November 24th, 2009, the anniversary of Darwin’s masterwork “On the Origin of Species.”

You’re not allowed to coach them beforehand. Just grab a video camera, ask the question, and let us all see how they respond! They’re looking specifically for children between 4 and 10-years-old, give or take a couple years. And, of course, if you submit a video, kids will not be identified by name in the final product.

All responses are welcome, and as a thank you, you’ll receive a coupon for a 20% discount from Charlie’s Playhouse!

So stop reading this, find that child you gave birth to a few years back, and start filming!

(via Charlie’s Playhouse)

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  • Sharktamer

    I predict a lot of pokemon-centric answers.

  • Valdyr

    I anticipate at least one entry where a kid gives a rehearsed spiel about evolution being a lie, coached by a parent.

  • Joffan

    In their next fun project, the same children will be asked to describe orbital mechanics.

  • Sandra

    So stop reading this, find that child you gave birth to a few years back, and start filming!

    Damn! I already ate him. 😛

  • Wick

    I’d film my kid, but she just got done studying evolution (in catholic* school, no less), so she’s pretty well versed. Any answer would sound coached.

    *The public schools are so incredibly bad where I live (Akron, OH), they’re simply not an option. Catholic school is the lesser of two evils.

  • Liz

    to above comment. move to north canton..it’s like 45 minutes away. and excellent public schools. haha

  • Bridget Golob

    Evolution says that nothing created everything!

    The Big Bang theory: *Nothing* exploded and became everything!

  • TXatheist

    We just bought Dan Barker’s book “Just Pretend” but have not introduced it to our almost 6 year old. I don’t think he’d know what evolution is. We discuss the “dinosaur story” which is me explaining the big bang and extinction of the dinosaur but I don’t use the word evolution in the story. I don’t feel the need to push the word evolution..yet 🙂

  • This question will be most interesting. I suppose unfortunately I have no contact with those born post 1995. I suppose.

  • For those of you interested in Charlie’s Playhouse, Kate Miller will be appearing on our show tonight, Freethought RI. You can all tune in tonight at 9 EST on http://www.bsrlive.com/, and call us at 401-863-9277 with any questions you have for her once she’s on the air.

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