Interesting Character Choice for Paul Bettany November 1, 2009

Interesting Character Choice for Paul Bettany

Paul Bettany, the man who portrays Charles Darwin in Creation, is set to play archangel Michael in the 2010 movie Legion.

His character is described as someone “who voluntarily falls to Earth to save the savior of mankind.”

So much for typecasting 🙂

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  • Twewi

    That movie actually strkes me as being fairly anti-religious. Basically, it looks like it’s telling the Christian mythology in horror format with god as the antagonist, while showing everyone that he’s kind of a dick.

  • Calvin

    I realized this a really long time ago, haha.

    I don’t think Legion is gonna be anti-religious. Only people who want it to be anti-religious will think it is.

  • Hankins

    The best anti-religious propaganda is actually the propaganda put forth by the fundamentalists themselves, but looked at in a logical light. See Jesus Camp.

    I think when people see how those cute little romanticized Cherubims were actually described in the bible, they’ll be a bit confused.

    “The biblical prophet Ezekiel describes the cherubim as a tetrad of living creatures, each having four faces: of a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man. They are said to have the stature and hands of a man, the feet of a calf, and four wings.”

  • Quinton

    Too bad this movie looks like it will be terrible.

  • The movie doesn’t look anti-religious, but it does look fairly heretical. Still, I like apocalypses, and I like supernatural stuff with religious themes, so while the movie will probably trigger me something wild (’cause those things I like? Also make my life hell. Long story), I’ll still see it.

    On the bright side, God and most of his angels are evil, sadistic sociopaths in this movie (and *cough* in a lot of the Bible). Maybe it’ll help.

  • Matto the Hun

    I actually remember the description that Hankins mentioned above (from the one year I attended a Catholic high school). I thought about it when I saw the trailer for this movie.

    From what I can tell it looks like God behaving the same as he usually does when he gets cranky about how humans are living… he decides to murder damn near everybody.

  • Andy

    Again, it seems that you hate fun.

    A movie that draws from Christian mythology? Oh noes… There are plenty of such movies that are entertaining.

    Would you prefer we just film grass growing since it is concrete and real?

  • Any movie with Paul Bettany can’t be all terrible.

  • 1958Debs

    When the early bible was describing angels, it most probably was combining Judaism with an earlier one.

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