Friday Humor: Buddha’s Apartment October 30, 2009

Friday Humor: Buddha’s Apartment

This post is by Jesse Galef

Last Friday HERDdad asked for a regular Friday Funny featuring an amusing skeptic or atheist video.  I can forsee a lot of Lewis Black, but might need suggestions from all of you to find more.

That said, I’ve been watching all of the SMBC Theater shorts on youtube.  Remember the hilarious “Just a Theory” video Hemant posted earlier this month?  Same guys, same level of irreverence.

Enjoy, and let me know about other places I should look for funny videos!

By the way, this is slightly unsafe for work. The cursing is censored, but anytime a video has “I’m Buddha mother fu**er!” I figure I should warn you.

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  • Peregrine

    If you meet the Buddha, kill him.

  • Gabriel G.

    “Give me my funyons!”
    “Turn the other cheek.”

    XDD I love SMBC so much.

  • Ben

    While I can’t speak to copyright issues, the following come immediately to mind:

    Tim Minchin
    George Carlin
    Mr. Deity
    Eddie Izzard
    Janeane Garafalo
    Bill Maher (of course)
    Jon Stewart
    Ricky Gervais
    Bill Connolly
    Pat Condell

    That oughtta keep him busy for a while.

  • Edmond

    Was he trying to do the Jedi mind trick? These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

  • Hughes

    Try my countryman 1god1jesus on YouTube. The guy is hilarious. It’s a parody.

  • Annie

    Cute. But he missed “Blessed are you who hunger now.” and “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” in the last scene.

  • muggle

    Eww, that roomie was so gross you can’t help but side with Jesus and Bhudda. Makes me glad I never went the roommate route.

    I vote for Lew Black! I love him. The man’s gotten filthy rich grousing the way I do. Can’t do anything but envy that.

    But I do vote for Friday Funnies. Yet another reason to look forward to the weekend and Friday’s perfect. I’d be too asleep on Monday. By Friday, I need a laugh.

    George Carlin sounds good too and, with a name like that, I’ve got to check out Hughes’ 1God1Jesus suggestion. I’m going to You Tube to check it when I’m done reading the blog today.

    Let’s have variety. Someone different every Friday.

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