I Need to Go to the Next TAM… October 29, 2009

I Need to Go to the Next TAM…

So, this is how it works:

1) Go to The Amazing Meeting.
2) Get married.

I thought it was just Rebecca who got married at James Randi’s convention, but behind the scenes, Kate was also working her magic.

She gently breaks the news to the rest of us:

… Remember how I went to TAM7 awhile back? Well, I roomed with this guy, right? I know some of you were suspicious at the time that something might have been going on behind your backs, but look. At the time we were just friends. I swear. Nothing more. Yeah, but then, you see … then we hooked up a little after that and now we’re married. Hey, no, listen. Listen! There’s good news and you won’t very well hear it while you’re yammering on about fidelity and trust issues, will you? Okay, fine. I’ll let you vent, then. I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you…

That is *so* unfair. I’ve been to 3294823 conferences. Never once have I come back with a spouse.

Never again. Next time, I’m bringing home a haremfull of spouses and a quiverfull of babies.

You’ve been warned.

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  • What’s a guiver? Do you mean quiver?

  • I went to TAM7 and did not marry my gf while there, so see it doesn’t always work. Although now she is living with me…

  • A guiver is actually the proper term for a batch of atheist offspring, rather like cats having a litter and lions having a pride.

  • Martian_Bob

    No, he actually meant “guyver”, as in he’s going to be coming back with symbiotic techno-organic armor filled with ladies and babies.

  • Richard Wade

    Guiverfull, quiverfull, guyverfull or whatnot, I think the proper term for an atheist to use would be “pantryfull of babies.”

  • Jonas

    Well, Actually M-A and I missed each other at the Forum Party, after you and I went to dinner at TAM 5. We met due to a Forum Get Together, Father’s Day 2007. — Honeymooned at TAM 7.

    Note: Hey Jeff Wagg: Rename forum.randi.org to sMatch.com (s for Skeptic)

  • No guiverfull of babies yet but I swear the method is sound (though you left out the bit about getting and keeping her drunk throughout the convention, Hemant – that’s a key part of the plan).

  • Toni

    I picked up a husband at a conference. Didn’t last. Good luck.

  • The only conferences that I attend are archaeology conferences, and as I remain professionally exogamous (with good reason, let me tell you), I have never picked up a spouse.

  • Oh, and a “oantry” of babies refers to the babies of non-atheists who fall into atheist hands. If we ate atheist babies, that would be cannibalism.

    Which, seeing as how we are apparently evil according to most folks, is probably not beyond us. Luckily, we’re also scheming, so we keep our own alive.


  • No, he actually meant “guyver”, as in he’s going to be coming back with symbiotic techno-organic armor filled with ladies and babies.

    That could totally happen at DragonCon

  • muggle

    Remind me to stay the hell away!

  • Dave B.

    I’m very happy to be able to attend the next TAM. However being that I am a 22 year old archeologist with a career to build, I don’t think I’ll be looking for a spouse.

  • gwen

    I’ll be there Hemant dahling, and I’ll be looking for you (hehehe—don’t want you to feel unloved!)

  • I originally met my fiance at an FFRF Conference.

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