Atheist Advertisement in a Coffee Shop October 26, 2009

Atheist Advertisement in a Coffee Shop

The upside to an atheist bus ad or billboard is that it advertises to the masses — If a ton of people see it, odds are a handful of them will be your target audience. The thinking is that a handful of atheists might see your sign, realize they’re not alone, and perhaps even join your group. The vast majority of people who see it will ignore it. And some might complain.

But good marketers know that you can get more success by just targeting your ad to where your audience will more likely see it, even if it means fewer eyes altogether.

So forget the highways and buses.

In the next phase of advertising, we should go for the independent coffee shops:

atheist sign

That ad was bought at a coffee shop in Riverside, CA, where they allow groups to rent space for the signs. Is that controversial? Not really, especially when you host some of your functions in that same location 🙂

It’s a smart move by the Inland Empire Atheists, and I hope they get a few new members in the process. (And at a fraction of the cost!)

(Thanks to Emily for the link!)

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  • It’s not controversial but I know my boss/owner would never have a sign like that-even though she, me, everyone that works here and many of the customers are atheist. Keep the twitter thing going, You know You like it-so does everyone else. Coolio.Out


  • Shane

    I was curious and did a little search about the actual demographics of coffee shops.

    Coffee bar patrons are younger, more affluent, and educated and are 22 percent more likely to be aged 18-24. They are also 65 percent more likely to have an annual household income of $100K+. Coffee shop patrons are 28 percent more likely than the average American adult to be single and 70 percent more likely to have a post graduate degree.

    Yes, that does sound like a more atheist-rich demographic than, for example, users of public transportation.

  • I’m not an atheist, but, I’m so “Jesus’d” out where I live, I would WELCOME a sign like that in our town!!!

  • Atalanta_lite

    Amusingly, our local independent coffee shop is a neighborhood clean-up project from a local church. I highly support them, because unlike almost every other organized church group I’ve ever seen, their members are members of the community first, and the community needs – come first.

    I *really* wish I could find a group like that that just didn’t have this need to centralized around some “god” thing. I believe in the good works they’re doing, but can’t sign on the religion part. I could even rally around Jesus Christ as some freethinking dude from way back when who had great charisma and a good PR agent. “son of god?” Pffft.

  • So that is why I like coffee shops and books stored… atheists throwing up a mental god shield… knew there was a reason

  • Rubberduck

    And so is the picture. Actually it is 2082.83 KB (2132815 bytes) great!

  • greg

    I could do without any religious sloganeering in my coffeeshops, to be honest. Whether that be a particular one or a lack thereof.

  • muggle

    Actually I’m thinking this is pretty savvy of the coffeeshop, especially in these hard times. I know you’d have to have some limitation but if they’re renting ad space (and apparently real space to host meetings), why not?

    Makes sense from a business prospective. No, I wouldn’t want a lot of religiousity in my face but I’m guessing if the ads start driving away customers, they aren’t going to keep renting the ad space.

  • I wish I knew what coffee shop this was. A couple years ago I went to a Bible study called The Living Room in a Riverside coffee shop. I don’t think this is the same place, but it would make me smile if it were.

    That Bible study, come to think of it, sparked something in me that helped me in my journey toward atheism.

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