The Pod Delusion October 24, 2009

The Pod Delusion

The Pod Delusion is a new 30-minute podcast aimed at the types of people who enjoy Point of Inquiry and Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.

It’s also quite British-y. With accents and everything.

You can check out new episodes and subscribe to their podcasts by going here.

(Thanks to Sal for the link!)

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  • Thanks for the link Hemant!

    If you or any of your readers ever want to send in a report for us, do feel free! You can find out how on the “Get involved” page of the Pod Delusion website, at



  • Jim Baerg

    I can’t find the link that will allow me to download the podcast & then listen to it later on my MP3 player.

    Please add that or make it more obvious if it is already there. I would like to at try it out.

  • Another podcast? I kinda think that the market is a bit crowded at the moment. Especially in the English market.

    If there’s a project to do something in other languages,that’d be cool.

  • Jim – check the right hand sidebar, there’s links to subscribe in iTunes, or to the RSS feed, which you can put in your podcast client!

    Will – I didn’t realise the market was so crowded until after I’d started it up… I like to think we offer something a little different though!

  • Kimpatsu

    We don’t have accents, Hemant; you do!

  • Ooh, more British wit, I hope! I followed the link and it says the episode talks about the ethics of Formula One! I’m HOOKED!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Glad you like it Neece!

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