The Hypocrisy Over the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity October 22, 2009

The Hypocrisy Over the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

This past Tuesday was the 6th annual “Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity,” a day for anti-abortion high school students to remain silent on behalf of aborted fetuses everywhere.

if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the deal:

Since January 22, 1973 over 50,000,000 babies have had their voices silenced through surgical abortion in this nation alone.

On October 20th, people from all over this nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children. Red arm bands and duct tape will identify them as taking part in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.

Regardless of your views on abortion, there’s nothing wrong with students participating in this event if they wish. (Say what you will about the information they use or the group sponsoring it.)

I bring this up for a reason.

I did not hear of a single Christian right/Conservative group condemning this event.

No right-wing group said it was wrong for students to showcase their social “agenda” in the classroom.

None of them demanded that students not go to school on the day of the event because the classroom was being “hijacked” for political purposes.

Not one group asked people to call local school administrators and ask why they’re allowing this event to take place.

Remember that when GLBT and GLBT-friendly students participate in the Day of Silence this April.

If any Christian right group condemns participation in that event, or tells parents keep their children home from school that day, or requests that members harass school officials about allowing this event to take place, CALL THEM OUT ON THEIR BLATANT HYPOCRISY.

You know they’re going to do it, too. You have ample time to prepare.

Incidentally, I approached David Smith, the Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, last year and asked him why his group did not put out any information against the Day of Silent Solidarity but actively opposed the Day of Silence.

He told me IFI was against the Day of Silent Solidarity.

But another year has come and gone and IFI has said not a word about the event on their website.

Their silence tells you all you need to know about their anti-gay agenda.

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  • Finally, some peace and quiet. I wish they would do this everyday…

  • If they had done this at my high school I would have had to curb stomp some babies in retaliation.

    Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with that.

  • What of the gay fetuses? Are some shutting up twice for them?

  • Kat

    Just imagine how much health care we would have had to deal with had those fifty million babies been born. And remember a very high percentage of abortions are done on poor, uneducated women (i.e. probably no health care). The right should embrace our right to choose.

  • DGKnipfer

    I love when the bigots self identify so I know who not to talk to anymore.

  • Lilo

    While quiet high school students would seem to be a good thing, their elders on the curb with the dead fetus pictures is a huge distraction to the learning process. Our Gay-Straight Alliance did Day of Silence observations and generally attracted up to 50 participants in a very conservative rural school in Northern California. We had plenty of complaints from a couple of people, but we went ahead and were quiet anyway.
    Given the modest success of our GLBT demonstration, I am sure that the local whacky anti-abortion churches will make their attempt a huge thing in our high school.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of respect.

  • Polly

    Xian organizations that are completely hypocritical? I’m shocked! *SHOCKED* I tell you!
    /close: sarcasm

    On a semi-serious note, just how many days of silence are we going to eventually have? Like those ribbons that blossomed from 1 for AIDS that now come in 65,536 hues of neon for every conceivable modern issue.

    If every cause creates a day of silence, pretty soon no one is going to talk. There could even be Silent Wars – where opposing political views hold days of silence in retaliation.

    Forget it! i’ll just stick to picketing PP clinics.

  • It seems to me that keeping children out of school on a “day of silence” is silly. I am a Christian and a parent and I can tell you that such a demonstration is a chance to teach my child. It is a chance for learning other peoples beliefs, it is also a chance to interact with those people and their beliefs, and it is a chance for my child to be challenged and grow in their faith.

    It seems like Christian parents often feel like they have to keep their children from encountering challenges to their faith. Rather than sheltering them and setting them up to have a weak faith, I think parents should be using those challenges as oppurtunities to teach and strenghten their child’s faith.

  • Curtis

    This is what I predicted when I opposed the GLBT day of silence. There are hundreds of “Day for [Pick you good cause]. I support the days but oppose the disruption that silence causes. I could find an important thing to remember on almost everyday of the week. Either all of them deserve silence or none of them.

  • Jeffrey

    Why is it, that whenever one of these issues comes up, be it abortion, gay issues, sex education, scientific education, whatever the issue, the “opposing” side is ALWAYS the religious nuts? Will these people never be happy? Will they not rest until everyone on the planet must BOW DOWN to THEIR beliefs and THEIR legislation? What exactly IS it about religion that turns people into raving, anti-freedom, tyrannical, repressive imbiciles?

  • I agree with the first comment. They finally shut up.

    On a side note, I have a button on my backpack that says in big letters, “May the fetus you save be gay.” I get a lot of dirty looks for that one. 🙂

  • Stephan

    Their statement is so amusing to me…fetuses, other than not being babies, don’t really have voices. A human voice requires LUNGS.

  • AxeGrrl

    edit: found the answer to my own question 🙂

  • This is what I predicted when I opposed the GLBT day of silence. There are hundreds of “Day for [Pick you good cause]. I support the days but oppose the disruption that silence causes. I could find an important thing to remember on almost everyday of the week. Either all of them deserve silence or none of them.

    The disruption it causes is the point of the ritual. It’s disruptive so that you have to notice what’s going on. This abortion one is just silly, of course; there’s nothing wrong with abortion and most of these people are Pro-Birth or Anti-Abortion, not Pro-Life. They’ll make you carry your child to delivery and then where are they after that? They really don’t care if you and your child die, they just don’t want people to kill what they think is human life… somehow… wackos.

    I agree with the point of this article, which was the hypocrisy that will (and I mean “will”) occur when the Day of Silence rolls around again. But I’ll be ready to deal with that, for sure. 😉

  • BLATANT HYPOCRISY is the lifeblood of religion.

    all religion is, is BLATANT HYPOCRISY.

    with a little racism and prejudice tossed in to the mixing bowl.

    a recipe for disaster? I think so.

  • Of course the Religious Right is hypocritical when they rage sanctimoniously about other people forcing their social agendas into schools, but feel free to advance their own, inside them.

    And of course it’s human nature to be hypocritical now and then. Everyone is a hypocrite at some point in their lives. So maybe it doesn’t mean much to say that Christians in the Religious Right are being hypocritical. They are, after all, human beings, and a certain amount of hypocrisy is expected. One may as well say they eat, or they drink, or they sleep … these are all things that human beings do. It goes without saying.

    So Christians might defend themselves against the accusation of hypocrisy by saying, “Yeah … so what? We’re hypocritical.”

    The problem for them is … unlike other kinds of people, Christians live under a special injunction against hypocrisy. They were explicitly told by the founder of their own religion, Jesus Christ, never to be hypocritical … ever. There are several instructions to avoid any hypocrisy, within the pages of their Bible. This means when they’re caught being hypocritical, they need to stop doing it immediately.

    Wanna bet they won’t, in this case? If any of them refuse to stop their hypocrisy, what this means is that they’re putting their own anti-abortion political agenda ahead of the clear and simple spiritual instructions left to them by their own deity.

    You see, being part of the Religious Right isn’t about being a Christian at all. (Even if they say so, and even if it appears to be the case.) It’s all about political power and control over society. Don’t let them fool you into thinking this about “saving babies” or “preserving life” or any of that. It’s about something else entirely … that is, to force everyone to live according to their standards and their rules.

    This means that, when they say they love freedom and they don’t want government to control people’s lives … well, that’s a big fat steaming load, and yet another example of their flaming hypocrisy. I suggest they crack open their precious Bibles to Matthew 7:21-23 and study those words really hard. Because IF their Jesus exists and IF he really said that, then they’re in deep trouble.

  • Students should be free to speak their mind (or be quiet) regardless of their perspectives.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Just remember, any group with the word “family” in the title usually means “We’re a bunch of oppressive, homophobic, sexually-repressed, right-wing fundamentalist Republican Christians who can’t stand to see people doing things we don’t like.”

  • Jack Sienna

    I don’t believe in a god, and I believe that abortion is child abuse & MURDER. I am a Casey Democrat… too bad that so many Dems are towing the standard party line to suck up to the militant feminists who demand a ‘right’ (Equal?? HA!)not given to men. And the idea that I might have to pay for an elective surgery when I can’t even get decent insurance to cover my medically necessary medicine is PROFANE!

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