Happy Atheist Bus Campaign Anniversary October 22, 2009

Happy Atheist Bus Campaign Anniversary

How many atheist bus ads and billboards can you name?

I lost count a hell of a long time ago.

It seems like they’ve been around for a while, right?


It has only been a year.

Precisely a year, in fact. I was amazed to find that out.

At this time last year, atheist bus ads weren’t even around in London. They were collecting money for that first batch of ads.

And now?

They. Are. Everywhere.

If you feel nostalgic, feel free to read all the atheist ad campaign postings I’ve made on this site.

(via @ArianeSherine)

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  • ihedenius

    It has only been a year.

    Precisely a year, in fact. I was amazed to find that out.

    Funny, I was thinking the precise same thing the last few days. It does feel like it’s been years. I was surprised to find this out just in the last week (that it’s only been a year).


    Hemant you linked iMonk. Have a load of this for crazy. Look for “joel hunter” in this thread:

    Not just a creationist, geocentrist as well complaining how we started to get lost at Copernicus. Wonder what his opinion is on a flat earth ? Unless it’s a Poe.

  • Too bad I have no idea which buses in town have our ads. I’d make a point of riding in one today. So far we’ve only put four small ads into Saskatoon buses, but we’re planning on adding a couple larger ads to the back ends of two more for better visibility.

  • DGKnipfer

    Thanksgiving with the extended family will be so much fun this year. Atheist bus campaigns in the home state of Iowa. The Iowa Supreme Court overturning marriage discrimination laws. We had such a wonderful discussion on California Prop 8 last Thanksgiving that I just can’t wait to spend half a week in Iowa with my mom and my little sister again this year. The excitement is just overwhelming!!!

  • ihedenius


    regarding the Imonk thread I referred to in the first post. I’ll retract my opinion (after having read the entire thread) about the poster I pointed to (J hunter). I probably misunderstood.

  • muggle

    I was pleased as punch this morning to click on my local paper’s website and be greeted with news of the signs in NYC!

    The saving grace of the paper is its blogs currently and the high school blog did a nice post on the signs. I commented and put in a plug for this blog. (Of course!)

    But it’s nice to know the signs are being noticed and positively. If anyone wants to read that blog, it’s at: http://blog.timesunion.com/highschool/a-million-new-yorkers-are-good-without-god-are-you/2354/

    I think it’s a nice write-up.

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