Don’t Type in the Wrong Website October 22, 2009

Don’t Type in the Wrong Website

Reader Jody pointed this out to me and I’m cracking up.

I’ve been working closely with the Chicago Coalition of Reason. Our website is (That’ll redirect you to the actual page, anyway.)

But guess what happens when you type in
You win this round, Church of the Resurrection…

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • MaleficVTwin

    You win this round, Church of the Resurrection…

    Nah. Think of the possibilities. Churchgoers may also have a typo……

  • Gotta wonder if one of those was on purpose. Clever, if it was.

  • Kaylya

    I think it’s far more likely for someone trying to go to to go to than the other way around.

    However, looking at the website… the Church of the Resurrection is in Kansas City and just happens accepts as pointing to their website,, so no one’s likely to be trying to go to

  • My wife learned that the hard way. gives you a listing of political donations. Just don’t leave off that all-important “s”. My wife accidentally did once and it was quite the experience. (Warning–if you are going to test this do not do it at work!)

  • It’s the web version of calling the wrong 800 number. Well, not exactly. Ending up on a religious page instead of an atheist page is not that same as fat fingering the tech support line and getting “Hot Sexy Babes” instead.

    But for some it may be.

  • Personally I really like the choice of name for the New York area group …

    Is that with or without the seeds?

  • llewelly

    It’s the web version of calling the wrong 800 number.

    Note that in both cases unscrupulous people are looking to buy up popular domain names or 800 numbers as soon as they become available.
    Many heavily used 800 numbers got bought by sex-chat lines, which had previously been used for very different purposes. 800 numbers for purposes as varied as reporting attacks on manatees to tech support to rape crisis centers became available and changed hands. And in several cases, former numbers of rape crisis centers ended up connecting to sex-chat phone numbers.
    So it’s not enough to avoid typos. It’s also necessary to make sure the number or domain name is current.

  • They all pale in comparison to the old porn site,, may it rest in peace.

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