Jesus in an IKEA Toilet October 21, 2009

Jesus in an IKEA Toilet

It’s not the picture of Jesus on a toilet door in an IKEA that made me laugh.

It was the caption…:

Jesus, or possibly Gandalf, as spotted on the door of the gents’ toilets in a Glasgow branch of Ikea



Though I don’t get how the image is supposed to be Jesus. I think it looks more like Muhammad.

The reporter, Tom Chivers, seems to understand why this whole story is ridiculous. He’s only using soundbytes that provide me with entertainment value:

One shopper said: “It takes you by surprise. It is really clear in the wood.

I was only heading to the toilet and found God.

“My wife thought He looked like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings but it is definitely more like the Turin Shroud.

“It’s certainly not what you expect to find in an Ikea store. Mind you, you need a little divine intervention to get out of here sometimes.”

Or maybe someone just likes the idea of Jesus watching him pee.

Have fun with that mental image…

(Thanks to CarolAnn for the link!)

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  • Andy

    Apparently no one has ever heard of book matching veneering

  • J. Allen

    Looks like he is squishing his manboobs together…

  • You are all wrong. It is neither Jesus nor Gandalf. It is the brain-eating Elder God Cthulhu. You can tell by the tentacles coming out of the lower half of his face. And, since most people sit on their brains, a gent’s toilet is an appropriate place for him to lurk.

  • Naug

    It is clearly a swedish troll smuggled in by IKEA.

  • Joel

    I’m going to go with Rob Zombie

  • Mandarb

    I thought it looks like Davy Jones. Someone on science blogs said it looks like Treebeard.

  • mike

    Looks more like it should be an alien from the original Star Trek series. I see no Jeebus in there.

  • Dammit, Hugh, I was going to say Cthulhu too, but you got there first.

  • Alexis

    Cover the face below the nose. look just at the hair, eyes and nose. It’s Bill Clinton!

  • Holy Crap!


    Jesus is watching you (masturbate).

  • Kris

    I think I prefer the image of the Spotted Owl a bit further down. Who doesn’t love nocturnal birds of prey? (can’t say the same for Jesus)

  • Renacier

    Oh my gourd, IKEA killed Treebeard!

  • Eli

    Holy crap I just busted out laughing at work when I read this. Ooops!
    Something about the phrase, “Jesus, or possibly Gandalf” just really set me off. Thanks for the guffaw!

  • Jason R

    Looks like a cousin of Chewbacca

  • Somnolent Aphid

    How come you never see any FSM pareidolia eh?

  • How come you never see any FSM pareidolia eh?

    Because there’s no such thing. When you see anything that *looks* like the FSM, that’s because he’s actually there.


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