Christian Student Involved in Lawsuit Now Gives Speeches at Republican Fundraisers October 19, 2009

Christian Student Involved in Lawsuit Now Gives Speeches at Republican Fundraisers

Back in May, I posted this story:

California teacher Jim Corbett lost his case against student Chad Farnan. Farnan had accused his history teacher of make anti-Christian comments during class and the court agreed.

Based on the lawsuit and the comments I’d read Corbett had made, I wasn’t siding with the teacher (though I agreed with what he said). I felt his comments were inappropriate.

In any case, there’s an interesting update to all this.

The student, Chad Farnan, is now a senior in high school and he’s been giving several speeches at Republican fundraisers in California.

“Now is the time to fight back, so our rights as Christians and conservatives can be taken back,” said Farnan, 17, a senior at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo.

“All these people support me, so I need to support them back and do fundraisers like this,” Farnan said in an interview.

“We need to pray for him because he is under attack for his faith,” said the fundraiser’s master of ceremonies, Deborah Pauly, a Villa Park councilwoman.

“It’s important for Republicans like us to support organizations like Advocates for Faith & Freedom,” Farnan said at the end of his speech Friday. “If we all stand together, we can change the world one step at a time.”

Like I said before, I wasn’t siding with the teacher in this case. And Farnan has the right to speak for whatever causes he wants to.

But I don’t know what he thinks ought to be “changed.” This was an isolated incident in which a public school teacher disparaged somebody’s faith. It doesn’t happen very often in the classroom. You hear far more stories about Christian teachers preaching in the classroom than you do about atheist teachers ripping on religion.

And who is “attacking” his faith? He can believe what he wants, he can pray in the classroom, he can bring his Bible to school, and he can worship at the flagpole. What “rights” does he want that he doesn’t already have?

I’m curious about what he plans to do next year. In college, religion is a much more open topic of discussion and he will be challenged about his faith. As he should be. Not by professors directly, but if he takes a science class, they won’t be talking about Jesus. If he dares to interact with students from other faiths, those discussions are going to happen, too.

You can’t shelter yourself forever and reality trumps religion every time.

(via Religion Clause)

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  • Brian

    Can I get a Dean Scream? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Neon Genesis

    How is he being attacked for his faith when the judge sided with him and made the appropriate legal decision? What happened to Christians following the Golden Rule? And why am I not surprised the Republicans are involved?

  • muggle

    I was not on that teacher’s side either. Just as inappropriate as preaching.

    However, don’t hold your breath. I’m betting this kid goes to some ultra-Christian college where his beliefs won’t be challenged.

    If he doesn’t parlay this into a ministry.

  • Paul LaClair

    It’s a stretch to say that Farnan won his case. The judge upheld one of his complaints – one statement by the teacher was found to have violated his rights. The remainder of his allegations were dismissed, and he received no award of damages to my knowledge.

  • pete

    Maybe it was a bit of a bad call on the teachers part in this particular situation,even though the teacher most likely has as much right to believe christianity is rubbish as folks have to think non faith is rubbish and christianity is true.

    Still i think its quite likely there is far more christians pushing their cause in many places they maybe shouldnt be.

    So all the more reason to remember to slam dunk em real good and proper wherever and whenever they do,sometimes experiencing the reality is a great way to do some very quick learning.

    And because we often up against these folks of faith with larger combined finances,is good reasons why the non faithful need to have their own organizations too.

  • Give ’em an excuse, and the Xian majority will still cry “poor, persecuted widdle me”. Once they have an excuse, they can be as derogatory, inflammatory, bigoted and violent as they want, because “we” called them names first. At least, that’s the thinking I perceive at work here.

  • Revyloution

    ‘I’m curious about what he plans to do next year. ‘

    Looks like a bright future at Liberty University. Probably with a scholarship.

  • James Corbett

    The judge did NOT side with Chad. On 21 of 22 alleged violations, he sided with me writing that the comments were clearly related to the curriculum and, therefore not a violation. The most often repeated phrase, “Jesus Glasses” referred to peasants during Joseph II’s reign in Austria.

    Judge Selna found for the District on all counts. Currently, the District is deciding about pursuing Chad for all their legal expenses in defense of this suit.

    The 22ed comment related to the teaching of a science teacher in our District who taught “young earth creationism.” I referred to his teaching as “religious superstitious nonsense.” It was. The judge ruled on that comment that no “reasonable” person could have known that such a phrase was a violation of the establishment clause, so he levied no penalty against me. In short, Chad may have to pay for the District’s defense, I owe nothing. All this could have been avoided if Chad, who admitted he never did the required homework, had ever bothered to let me or anybody else know that he was offended. I give all parents my home phone and home email. The first I heard from the Farnans was when the arrived with reporters in two to drop the suit on the principal’s desk. Since then Chad has been making the rounds of right wing media outlets to characterize the judge’s decision.

    How anybody can characterize that outcome as a “win” for Chad amazes me.

    Jim Corbett

  • llewelly

    GO GET’EM, KID!! You can be the next great Televangelist for Christ! It’s your calling! God is on your side! God wants you to fleece the flock and spend it all on hookers and blow!

  • bigjohn756

    Since when do Christians follow the Golden Rule? I know of very few who do. Most of them do not even know how it applies to everyday life.

  • pete

    James Corbett Says: “In short, Chad may have to pay for the District’s defense, I owe nothing”

    Nice one Jim ,glad to hear it.It sure would stink to high heaven if humans who been on this earth way longer than faith beliefs have ever been,need to always bow down to them.

    bigjohn756 Says:”Since when do Christians follow the Golden Rule? I know of very few who do.”

    Ohh its a very differnt strange type of golden rule bigjohn,and seems to go something like .I will do as i please onto others,but should they choose do as they please unto me i`ll quickly squeal O woe is me im being persecuted

  • Dan W

    I would be willing to bet that this guy ends up going to one of those ultra-conservative Christian colleges where his religion will not be challenged, he won’t have to interact with students of other religious views, and he’ll be safely sheltered from reality for four more years.

  • If anyone wants to know the legal reasoning (particularly the interestingly named “Lemon Test”) why only one of the 22 accusations against James Corbett was held to be valid, they can check it here:

    You’ll also find a link there to the judge’s actual ruling (it’s in the public record). In my opinion, Chad Farnan and his sponsors filed a pretty meritless case because they had an agenda other than resolving a problem between teacher and student. It should never have been brought to court.

  • In the bible, it tells them that they will ALWAYS been treated badly for their beliefs….and to suffer that, to survive that, is your duty and your honor to God.

    This is why I loved an explanation I heard, but cannot remember who I heard it from, maybe Marianne Williamson.

    This explained how many Christians focus on the death of Christ, his suffering, the hanging on the cross, when the “message” that is supposed to be taken away from the whole story is, that he rose, he didn’t die. He conquered.

    It is not supposed to be a sad story, so stop focusing on the cross bit.

    I also love this little thing I heard, the first part is always the same, the second you can change to fit whatever is appropriate at the time;

    “Get off the Cross; We need the Wood to….”

    I have placed the following most recently:

    “To build homes for those still homeless after the Katrina disaster”

    This brings together four points to my statement, pointing out; (1)Martyrs, (2) Hypocrites , (3) Lies, and, (4) My Personal good feeling Inside when I insult any fundamentalist:

    1) The forever “suffering” many Christians are fond of;

    2) George W. Bush’s “Compassionate Conservative” Christianity;

    3) America being a “Christian Nation”

    4) Saying anything to offend a Christian.

  • ckitching

    What “rights” does he want that he doesn’t already have?

    Why, the right to tell other people what to believe, and the right to punish other people for believing the wrong things. I.E. the right to establish a fundamentalist Christian theocracy.

    It’s sort of funny that the people who often whine and complain most about concentration of power in government are also the people who would want to further concentrate it by merging church and government.

  • Richard Wade

    “We need to pray for him because he is under attack for his faith,”

    Is under attack? The more time goes by, the more contrived and phony this “ongoing martyrdom” will appear. This is what the Republicans are reduced to for fundraising speakers? Professional victims?

    Dig another grave next to the Whig Party.

    Since young Mr. Farnan chose to file a lawsuit when he could have resolved it like a man by talking directly with Mr. Corbett, I expect we will see more cooked-up “victimization” from him as a cross-bearer for hire.

    Better not talk to him; he’ll sue you. The phrase will be changed to “We need to pay for him because he is under attack for his faith.”

  • muggle

    Thanks for posting, Mr. Corbett.

    The more I read about this case, the more I’m convinced this kid had an agenda. And the RR is handing it to him on a silver platter.

    Maybe he should get together with the Miss America contestant. Two of a kind.

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