It’s Not a Miracle; It’s Just Grilled Cheese October 18, 2009

It’s Not a Miracle; It’s Just Grilled Cheese

Believe it or not, those Jesus-in-the-food “miracles” don’t prevent catastrophes from happening.

I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • LOL… loved it!

    We see what we want to see. Now try this
    on for size.

  • Joel

    Maybe Cheesus does love me, but he doesn’t love my bowels. Holy blockage

  • mmm Cheesus… Sacrelicious.

  • Aw bless. They see their god in all sorts of mundane stuff. Sweet.

  • TXatheist

    I wish this wasn’t true but I caught a nun the other day and she was dead serious that a cloud was exactly like a baby jesus and that combined with her statue that weeps the blood of jesus is why she became a true believer.

  • chistat

    While he’s working miracles, why doesn’t god help these people with their cooking skills? Cheesus, it is not that hard to make grilled cheese or frozen fish sticks without burning them.

  • Angie

    TXatheist — I wonder if she would convert to Hinduism upon seeing a cloud that looked like Shiva, and hearing about the Ganesh statue that drank milk a few years back?