Halloween Costumes for Baby October 17, 2009

Halloween Costumes for Baby

These costumes are cute… but I’d only buy them if the babies came included:


Why would anyone ever bother buying any other costume after seeing those?

What will your baby (or whichever baby you borrow…) be dressed as this Halloween?

(Thanks to Kriss the Sexy Atheist for the link!)

***Update***: This baby just won the game of life:

(Thanks, @jennifurret!)

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  • I sent you a picture of a baby dressed as a microwave and I get no love at all!!

  • What the hell is going on in the first one?!

  • My kid is a sock monkey. He wins 🙂

    Apparently, you have to click to see the pic…

  • mezzobuff

    Alien meets chicken: genius!

  • Mandarb

    Chestburster, from Alien.

  • Carlie

    Sadly, one of the pictures at the link does not exist in reality. The kid in the tauntaun sleeping bag was an April 1 prank by ThinkGeek, who would love to put it into production but was having problems securing the rights.

    Oo, I went to their link, and apparently they will be available soon. Neat!

  • Roger

    I knew it! Atheists do eat babies! *runs to go tell Glenn Beck so he can have yet another crying fit on Faux Noise*

  • Amy G

    This isn’t a baby costume, but one of my friends did come up with the coolest maternity costume ever:

  • So freakin’ cute that I almost got diabetic over it all.

  • I think I like the look of shock on the top one. That’s pretty much how I’d look if someone slapped a plastic alien on my chest and decorated me with fake blood. “What the…”

  • My baby will be wearing a snuggly warm dinosaur outfit. Or else the chicken suit, if we can find where we packed it.

    Because really, babies in chicken suits never get old.

    (BTW, it’s *exactly* the same chicken suit as used in the first picture above. Minus the blood and such…)

  • hahaa… I loved the stunned look on the first one

  • Just Some Guy

    That second one looks oddly familiar… hmmm…

  • I had a “WTF” moment over the first one until I saw the comments explaining the Alien reference.

    My oldest (5 years old) is going to be a “Bad Spirited Cheerleader”. She’s naturally a little girly-goth as it is, so when she saw the cheerleader costume with all the black and skulls she nearly died. My youngest (2 years old) is going to be a witch, and will also be adorned with skull accessories like her older sister.

  • muggle

    Amy, I thought I had the corner on that going as a pregant mummy (get it, Mummy) to my then husband’s Egyptian the year I was pregnant on Halloween but she just topped it. And my husband had authentic Egyptian garb from a trip there!

    My six year old grandson’s the youngest I’ve got going this year and he’s insisting on being a zombie. I don’t even want to know why.

    He’s nuts about skeletons year round but for some reason never wants to be one for Halloween.

    I play Grammy Monster with him wherein I stomp after him and tickle him mercilessly. A game he loves. Guess what I’m getting roped into being? I’ll get something I never thought I’d buy: a housedress and stick curlers falling out of my hair and combat boots (as in your grandma wears combat boots, is that old insult still around) some support hose I’ll put a few runs in and then do something with cold cream and my face, with touches of monster thrown on too. Perhaps a shawl with spiders or something.

    Feel free to borrow if you’re a grandmother or even if you’re not. Any suggestions for the cane? I already have one of those hideous old lady ones.

    I don’t usually dress up any more but I am really getting into this one!

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