Jesus Is Your New Health Care October 11, 2009

Jesus Is Your New Health Care

Now, I get why all those faith-healing parents who kill their children act the way they do.

They believe everything they read at Jesus Is Your New Health Care. (It turns out Jesus takes care of everything!)

And who needs universal health care when Jesus is saving you $35 in office fees…?

(Kudos to Shawn for creating the site!)

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  • I think I might have touted this before, but go over to Angie Jackson’s blog and sign the petition to ban religious exemptions for medical care. Seriously, kids die because their parents try to pray a cure for them.

  • Luther

    But Jesus takes only 10% of what you have. Co-pays are 20% even if you don’t have it.

  • Alan in CA

    Jesus accidentally turned your blood transfusion into wine.

  • If they fail to provide suitable medical care can you sue Jesus?

  • muggle

    I’ll check that out, Paul. Thanks.

    That site should be required reading for the nutters but I don’t think they’d get it.

  • Heh. Makes me think of the ordeal I’m going through with my TMJ diagnosis. My doctor told me to go to a dentist for it, the dentist said my jaw was dislocated and for me to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor told me to “pray the pain away.”

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