Not the Intended Use for the VeggieTales Cucumber October 10, 2009

Not the Intended Use for the VeggieTales Cucumber

The VeggieTales Cookie Cutter from a Christian bookstore looks decent enough:

But you might not want to rotate it 90 degrees:

As Meg Marco writes at The Consumerist:

This is just multitasking. It’s perfect for your kids AND perfect for bachelorette parties. It’s all about the frosting. Ya know?

That tomato may also double as a medical condition…

(Thanks to Mike for the link!)

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  • Leviathan

    as well as the wart on the tomato


    LOL. Yup, good old Christian values… fail! 🙂

  • I gotta get one! That’s too funny.

  • A few years ago, while I was sitting at my computer, vaguely listening to my nephews watch Veggie Tales in the background, I heard one of the characters say about another one something about getting his salad tossed. (I think the context was that the salad-tossee was some sort of ‘bad guy’ who’s plans got foiled, hence, ‘he got his salad tossed.’) Yeah, I get that this is veggie tales, but still, that particular phrase is quite specific and well-known for it’s ‘other’ meaning; so I like to tell myself that the creators of Veggie Tales have a better sense of humor than a lot of Christians and are totally in on these jokes.

  • LMAO!

  • 10plus – I know some of the VeggieTales folks personally, and I’d wager that they’re probably just ignorant of the other meaning of that phrase. 🙂

  • muggle


  • @Mike Clawson

    You’re probably right- my very conservative sister-in-law was watching that particular episode with the kids and didn’t say anything when she heard it, so I’m guessing she didn’t know it had any alternative meaning. I was very tempted to run in there and shout, ‘They did not just say that- did they?!’ but I held back :))

  • Epistaxis

    From the title, I expected something more three-dimensional than a cookie cutter.

  • I think it’s fun to note that both cucumbers and tomatoes are both technically fruits, rather than “veggies”.

  • JJR

    Mike C above:
    “I know some of the VeggieTales folks personally, and I’d wager that they’re probably just ignorant of the other meaning of that phrase”

    Sort of like the clueless Republicans who came up with “teabagging”. You’d’ve thought someone in the Log Cabin Republicans might’ve clued them in beforehand, or maybe they just sat back and smirked and said, um, yeah, go with that *giggle*

  • cypressgreen

    Um, kinda looks like a gun to me also. But a lot of those religious wackos are OK with guns…

  • MH

    There’s an old saying that a censor must be able to see profanity where others can not. Basically the outline of a cuke and tomato are going to look like that and the rest is our naughty minds.

  • Jen

    I wonder who gets price-gouged worse- Christians who love talking vegetables, or bachelorette party planners? And would this be a mean and slightly awesome present to give Christians?

    You know what always bugged me about VeggieTales? Do the vegetables eat? And what do they eat?

  • Send it along to The Accidental Dong!

  • Sean Boyd

    Yes, the red tomato COULD indicate a medical condition.

    I think, though, that I’d worry more about the green cucumber.

  • WCLPeter

    Say what you will about the VeggiTales, its obviously designed as a religious indoctrination tool for young children, but you have to give credit where its due, those Silly Songs of theirs are actually quite good.

    Although what I have found surprising about them is that, while the episodes themselves can be quite preachy, the songs almost never mention religion.

  • Amy G

    @ Tatarize
    Whoa whoa whoa… I knew that tomatoes were fruits, but cucumbers are too? When did that happen? Explain please. 😛

  • MH

    Amy, the Wikipedia entry on fruit should clear up your confusion:

    Jen, the VeggieTales creatures are plants, so I would think they don’t eat. Unless someone hybridized a tomato and a Venus fly trap!

    What bothers my kids and me about the VeggieTales is how they hold things without arms! It’s so disturbing.

  • bernerbits

    Man, this is a flashback to my first week in college… when some girls on my floor wandered into my dorm, found my plush stuffed Larry the Cucumber doll, and started rubbing it between their boobs.

    I was still a good, untarnished Christian at the time. Heck, a normal inexperienced college freshman would probably have been intimidated… I was horribly put-off by it, and I convinced myself that those terrible god-mocking sluts just needed to understand that talking vegetables extolling faith and virtue was what was truly cool.

    What bothers my kids and me about the VeggieTales is how they hold things without arms! It’s so disturbing.

    So this is offensive to you? Sacrilege!

  • I must admit that I like this song.
    And this one.

    Then again, I’m usually stoned.

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