The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas Now Available in America October 8, 2009

The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas Now Available in America

Ariane Sherine‘s new book The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas is finally available in America.


If you need any incentive to get it, all the money from the advance and royalties are going to the UK HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

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  • Chief

    For $150?! Thanks but, um, what?!

  • Adam Tjaavk

    A few very pricey copies from dealers – hardly class that as ‘finally available’.

    Until last week there was a ‘Sign up to be notified of availability’ invitation on – this was followed by ‘Out of print’. Looks like HarperCollins have decided no.

    Canada has them:


  • polomint38

    Already started reading mine? Managed to make it’s way from Amazon, even with all our postal strikes over here!

    I’ve found out that Randi is indead Santa Claus.
    Richard Dawkins is no P.G. Wodehouse.

    There seems to be a problem with my copy, as there is no story by Hemant.

  • mattincinci

    at $154 for a brand new copy…i’ll pass

  • I’m not THAT interested in Christmas.

  • I checked out and it’s only $15.72 (remember, the dollar now = the looney) plus $9.98 shipping to the US, so $25.70 total. No need to set up a new account if you already have one for Note, however, that it is a pre-order, to be released in Canada on November 3.

  • Shannon

    When I click the amazon link it says $43. Where is everyone getting the $150 from?

  • I had some reward certificates to spend, so I decided to order a copy from one of the Amazon sellers. It came out to $27, which is a heck of a lot more than I typically spend on books. I usually borrow them from the library or wait for cheap used copies to turn up online. Since it doesn’t look like this one is going to be published in the United States after all, I decided to splurge and go for it.

  • Adam Tjaavk

    Atheist’s Guide to Christmas
    Kindle Edition |


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