The Crystal Ball Knows All October 4, 2009

The Crystal Ball Knows All

Yep. It read my mind. I was impressed:


(via Luke Surl Comics)

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  • I’ll bet it can, especially the grammar nazis in all of us.

  • that’s uncanny.

  • Kelly

    That’s the most accurate crystal ball I’ve ever encountered.

  • mcbender

    Haha. That does seem to work pretty well.

  • Peregrine

    Nope. I was thinking “why is this taking so long to load?”

    I didn’t even notice the grammar error. My pedantic powers have failed me!

  • zoo

    That’s an unusually specific ball, but accurate :P.

  • JJR

    At least it didn’t say “ur”…

  • Spooky….

  • Uncanny.

  • So it knew I was thinking, “Hey, where’s the apostrophe & the other ‘e’?”
    Wow. Goosebumps.

  • I shall send this to all my pendantic grammar nazi friends….all my friends.

  • You have friends who are ‘pendants’?

  • I’ll bet they just hang around together.

  • stoat100

    @Chris Hughes:

    You have friends who are ‘pendants’?

    I have a friend who is so pedantic that he once texted me to apologize for a minor capitalization error in a previous text. 🙂

  • bigjohn756

    What is Nazi like to use proper grammar and punctuation? We already have enough prominent bloggers who deliberately and knowingly propagate usage errors; we do not need any more help.

  • pendantic

    hoisted on my own petard. 😉

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