John Oliver Talks to Jesus-Gun-Loving Tea Party Protester October 4, 2009

John Oliver Talks to Jesus-Gun-Loving Tea Party Protester

In case you missed it last week, John Oliver of The Daily Show spoke to Tea Party protesters to get their advice for the G20 protesters.

This lady may have been the scariest Teabagger of them all…

Tea Party Protester - Gun Belt With Flag and Jesus

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Tea Partiers Advise G20 Protesters

The transcript:

Mickey: “I have on a black Smith & Wesson .22 holster carrying a wooden cross.”

Oliver: “So the message there, Mickey, is “Look out or I’ll shoot you in the face with Jesus”?

Mickey: “Basically…”


(Thanks to Ed for the link!)

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  • What a powerful symbol. I’m sure Jesus would be proud. Wasn’t he the one who said, “Shoot thy neighbor in the face?” Or was it, “Shoot thyself into the face of thine neighbor.” Either way, I think she got the point.

  • Interesting.

    Slapping a fetish to torture on a weapon.

    Double-dipping in the death department.

  • Critical thinkers all know Jesus wasn’t just about peace. Christians should read the bible…from Matthew, Chapter 10:
    34-Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
    35-For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
    36-And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

  • JulietEcho

    That segment was pure gold. I absolutely loved the poor guy who wasn’t a protester, who was just going to work a few blocks away. Also, yes, the Christian Bale guy.

  • I could not stop laughing when I watched this the first time…it’s even better the second time. the cross-weapon-holster-flag thing is just impressively impressive. wow.

  • I never ceased to be amazed at how real news comes from Comedy Central. This was a burning piece that shows the different treatments that certain “news outlets” give to causes to support things that are on message to the people that pay the bills.

    What will it take to get CNN to start doing pieces like this?

  • David

    “Teabagging is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth or on or around the face (including the top of the head) of another person, often in a repeated in-and-out motion”

  • Geoff

    I didn’t get anywhere near so much from the video as your other commentaters.

    Perhaps it was because of the message ‘Sorry, videos are not available in your country’.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all bloggers stood together and refused to use such limited material and let the providers know why?

  • David got in first with the definition of teabagging that I know. Someone really shoudl tell them. 😉

  • thilina

    “I have on a black Smith & Wesson .22 holster carrying a wooden cross.”

    As long as she believes that the cross helps let her keep it (anything to keep a real gun away from these people). If more people were like her we’d have less shootings (probably have more people stabbed/beaten by crosses).

  • Heidi

    That guy was so right about Christian Bale. Bleh.

  • I must admit that prior to this I had no idea that FOX News was actually helping to organize the very protests that they then reported on, but that’s exactly the level of journalistic integrity I’ve come to expect from them.

    Off topic, I love the Gir t-shirt that the guy at 4:00 is wearing. 🙂

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