2010 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia October 2, 2009

2010 Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia

There’s a major atheist conference taking place in Melbourne, Australia next year and tickets are finally on sale.

The 2010 Global Atheist Convention will include presentations from people like PZ Myers, Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins, and AC Grayling. It takes place March 12th-14th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Tickets can be bought here. (If you’re able to go, I suggest getting them now before the sellout occurs.)

I’ll be there, too… as soon as I find a generous benefactor who wants to pay for my flight. Potential sugar mommies/daddies are welcome to contact me 🙂

(Thanks to Kristi for the link!)

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  • Matt D

    Interesting coincidence…

    Hillsong’s Colour Conference (womens evangelical hoopla in Sydney) has set dates for 2 conferences in March 2010.

    the first is immediately before Rise of Atheism and the second immediately after. (insert witticism here)

    My wife attends “Colour” and I want to fly to Melbourne for this. Who’s gonna mind the kids??

  • bigjohn756

    Hemant, I’ll send you the money for your trip as soon as I win the Lotto.

  • Hey Hemant! Thanks for promoting the Convention. Wish we had the budget to bring all our favourite atheists down for it. But, if we can make this one huge, we have a great case for having another one soon!

    Just a small correction – dates for the convention are 12-14 March.

    Drinks & Savouries on Friday Night
    Convention Sessions Saturday
    Convention Dinner Saturday Night
    Convention Sessions Sunday

    We’d love to see as many of your readers at the convention as possible – do you have Friendly Atheist t-shirts so we can identify them?

    [Edit: Dates have been fixed! And no shirts are available at the moment, but I do have buttons/wristbands if anyone going would like them 🙂]

  • I’ve already got my ticket. See you there!

  • Cherie M

    Awww, this was when husband and I were originally planning to go back to Melbourne for a visit! We moved it out more than a year 🙁 Bad timing on our part.

    Anyone who does get to go, have a great time!

  • Haven’t won the Lotto yet, Hemant!

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