Richard Dawkins Makes American Media Appearances September 30, 2009

Richard Dawkins Makes American Media Appearances

Richard Dawkins will be the guest on The Colbert Report tonight 🙂 He’ll be there to promote his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth

It was fun to watch Colbert interview him three years ago, and I doubt this will be any less entertaining.

It should be noted that Colbert’s guest the next day is evangelical Christian scientist and head of the NIH, Francis Collins… just a coincidence?

And on Friday, Dawkins will be a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher. They’ll be taping the show, then taking off for the Atheist Alliance International convention, where Dawkins will present Maher with his namesake award.)

Maher invited Sam Harris on his show in August — it’s was an unusual, but pleasant, experience seeing two famous atheists rationalists God-free people discuss faith last time. Dawkins is even more entertaining when interviewed 🙂 Good times will be had.

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  • Miko

    Crossing out rationalists is right, as anyone who’s heard Maher talk about alt. “med.” knows.

  • I’m happy I’ll be there at the AAI con. Hopefully I’ll get Dawkins to sign my copy of The God Delusion. I might not agree with everything he says, but most of his words make sense. If I get a picture with him, it will be awesome.

  • Nicole C.

    He was also interviewed on Daily Planet today, and in Maclean’s magazine. Very interesting stuff. I’ll have to remember to pick up a copy of the book.

  • Colin

    That should be an awesome event. I’d love to join you… lacking the money and the time, this year.

  • chicago31415926535

    Did Dawkin’s neck tie have pictures of the “crocoduck” on it?

  • Laura Lou

    Thank you, thank you for posting this. I saw this blog posting at 11:20pm tonight, just in time to TiVo it.

  • Matt D

    I felt weird watching the linked video of the earlier interview Colbert/Dawkins.

    In that first minute or so i had an uneasy feeling that he was about to be lynched.

    Colbert’s style is quite impressive. But charisma and wit dont make it true.

    Interesting how he (Colbert) doesnt hide from the view that “god did it” is nice and easy to understand, but a natural explanation hurts his head.

    His fundie audience seem to lap it up, but he certainly did little to support the theist view point (yes, I concede this is comedy and not the forum for serious debate)

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