In God We Trusted? September 30, 2009

In God We Trusted?

Maybe one day in the future, our coins will look like this

(via nakedpastor)


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  • Oh, but it’d be so much cooler if we could put “In Foo We Trust,” or perhaps “One Nation, Indivisible,” or “We Be Trustin’ ARRR”

  • Sandra

    Thanks Hemant! You just gave me another fun way to ‘decorate’ my dollar bills 😛

  • Funny…but of course that would be just as unconstitutional as “In God we Trust” is now…

  • Err. Banned from work, I think the word “naked” is sounding the alarm.

  • Hey, that’s great! People are always arguing how the slogan is supposed to be representative of our country’s “history.” What better way to acknowledge that our Trust In God is history?

  • Delphine

    Same. Banned from work. Can someone throw it on

  • Kris
  • Epistaxis
  • ckitching

    Or you could just get rid of it completely. I think the “E pluribus unum” on your coins is more representative of your country and its history than “In God We Trust”.

  • Why do my comments never make it through???

    Anyways…cute idea but it would still be unconstitutional as are government shouldn’t be making a stance either way on a trust in a deity.

    I concur with ckitching, go back to E pluribus unum already!

  • benjdm

    That would not be much of an improvement – it would be a lie about the past as opposed to a lie about the present.

  • … and all I got was a shiny nickel?

  • i’m sorry my name is banned from work and school. glad there are ways to circumvent.

  • Our future coins will say 2004 on them? Huh?

  • In God We Will Fail.

    That is all.

  • …and look where it got us!

  • Someday…

  • TheBob

    I’m kind of partial to “In God Wet Rust,” myself.

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