Mr. Deity and Da Man September 28, 2009

Mr. Deity and Da Man

Mr. Deity has returned… and this time, he is helping Adam find a wife!

I tried screaming at Adam not to do it.

He didn’t listen.

"Especially when used to recover from the night before."

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  • Erp

    But aren’t you looking for a helpmeet yourself?

  • I am, but my future woman will not lead to the downfall of all humanity 🙂 Because I will teach her never to eat fruit when snakes tell her to.

  • Erp

    Perhaps she’ll be called Pandora.

  • RG

    Is the banana a parody of something?

  • The skit looks somewhat similar to the arranged marriage custom in some societies.

  • Shannon

    Hemant, Hemant, Hemant. You’re going to teach your wife not to think for herself and be curious? Tsk. 😉

  • muggle

    He was a goner as soon as he got a look! Didn’t stand a chance.

    I was going to make a comment about your future wife and fruit but realized I’d be giving away one of my gender’s best kept secrets. So, nope, sorry, gotta keep that one to myself.

  • Is the peeled banana a Comfort reference?

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