The Atheist Blogroll Hits 1,000? September 27, 2009

The Atheist Blogroll Hits 1,000?

Mojoey‘s atheist blogroll is about to hit 1,000!

Is it significant?


Say what you will about the quality of some of the blogs on that list, but it’s one barometer of the growth of the atheist blogosphere over the past few years. It tells the world that there are more and more people offering opinions against the idea of theism — and it’s constantly growing in quality and quantity.

Thanks to Mojoey for maintaining it all this time.

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  • He asked, so I volunteered myself as blogger number 1,000. Relatively new on the scene, I am, but I’m one of many.

  • Huh, I realized I wasn’t on the blog roll either! Whoopsie

  • Mark C.

    Are there links to all the blogs somewhere on there? I’m not a blogger… I just want to see what all is there, and maybe I’m blind, but I haven’t seen a list.

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    @Mark C:

    If you click on the link Hemant provided, of on the right there is a link that says “See all 989 Members” (as of when I wrote this).

    Also, if you go to the homepage of the blog ( the blogroll on the right shows all the links.

  • bigjohn756

    Only 1000? I figured he had one hell of a lot more than that long ago!

  • Mark C.

    @ Demetrius:

    Thanks. I must’ve been blind, haha.

  • Does it have to be a blog about atheism? or can you just be an atheist who blogs?
    I have a legal blog (blawg) and occasionally will hit church/state issues.

  • Does it have to be a blog about atheism? or can you just be an atheist who blogs?
    I have a legal blog (blawg) and occasionally will hit church/state issues.

    No. According to Mojoey;
    Your blog should be written from an atheist, agnostic, or skeptical point of view. There is no requirement that your blog be exclusively atheist or agnostic themed. Many members write about photography, science, or what they had for dinner.

    I recommend you join it. It can do wonders for your traffic.

  • muggle

    Too much internet, too little time. 😉 But this is pretty damned cool.

  • Yeah, I’m still not a member. Twiddling my thumbs on that one–not sure why. Maybe I’m lazy or anti-banners, scrolly bits, or something. I’ll get over myself soon, I’m sure.

    I wonder how much the blogroll actually influences traffic to one’s blog?

    Thanks for keeping this up for so long, Mojoey.

  • Hemant – I am grateful for your support. People like you make my job so much easier. I think this post alone brought in 25 new blogs.


  • What awesome times to live in!

    By my [very rough] calculations, all we need to do is (de-)convert about 182,400,000 more Americans and we’ll be done. With America.

    Then, of course we’ve got a Muslim problem to deal with.

  • Eupraxsophy


    This is one of my favorite blogs and I’m glad that I’m not just one of a few people that I meet that are willing to give consideration to some of my thoughts and ideas as well as giving consideration to that of others. To be objective as opposed to just being doubtful all the time.
    Now if only I could convince the rest of my friends and family that there are no gods and that they’re waisting their time, my life would truely be for the better.

    Friendly Atheist ROCKS!

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