Creation Movie Finds U.S. Distributor September 24, 2009

Creation Movie Finds U.S. Distributor

After a bit of controversy, the Creation movie starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly has a U.S. distributor!

Indie distributor Newmarket is back on the acquisitions scene, picking up U.S. rights to Toronto International Film Festival opener “Creation.”

Chris Ball’s and Robert Fyvolent’s company has sealed the deal for Jon Amiel’s pic about the life of Charles Darwin, and will aim for a December release.

Going for the Christmas audience — very clever…

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Praise the Lord!

  • Peregrine

    Let’s hope they don’t edit the hell out of it, like some of the other imports that hit the North American market.

  • muggle

    Big surprise. I’m still thinking this whole thing was hyped.

    I’m still also skeptical that it’s gonna be a big farce. Between the title and wasn’t Mel Gibson’s production company involved?

    Frankly, what I’m expecting is a big fat lie. I’m not wasting my good money.

  • Richard P

    Yeah, I think this is one movie that will have to wait until it comes out in a torrent

  • where can i download it? it needs to be some ort of drinking game…

  • K

    Since it has yet to be released, I have not seen the film and therefore reserve judgment. However, here’s a clip from the Rachel Maddow show regarding this topic:

    “You Can’t Handle Evolution”

  • Sandra

    Going for the Christmas audience — very clever…

    Viewing this film on Christmas Day will make the 2000 year old ‘baby Jesus’ cry! 😀

  • Casey

    and wasn’t Mel Gibson’s production company involved?

    No – that was a mistake in a recent article about the movie. Mel Gibson’s production company had nothing to do with this film.

    The original article confused the film’s distributor, Icon Distribution, with Mel Gibson owed Icon Productions. The companies use the exact same logo and indeed Icon Distribution was once owned by Gibson. It is no longer. We regret the error.

  • Larry

    Eugenie Scott, director of the National Center for Science Education and a bit of an authority on evolution and Darwin, recently saw the film and posted a review.

    I think she liked it.

  • muggle

    Thanks, Casey, for clearing that up.

    And Larry, excellent review. It might be one to see, after all.

  • Michael

    Let the ‘Fundies’ (Ignorant Krixstains) imagine anything they like about this film… They wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them on their cumulative asses, or hit them in the face like a ton of bricks! Who cares about a supposed backlash by a bunch of people who do not possess the intelligence to think properly, or to accept proven science…People who can’t deal with reality are of no importance, and should be eliminated. They’re watering down the Gene Pool. Didn’t we all have to suffer with the incredible amount of sh-t surrounding Mel ‘Gibshit’s’ movie about his imaginary ‘Ghourd’ Geebus when it came out? At least no one gets the crap beat out of them, for two hours, in this movie, or nailed to a tree…and, in fact, some people might even be taught some real truth, instead of the Tripe and Myths about the imaginary ‘Ghourd’ Geebus and his religion, which, by the way, was actually created by the Apostle Paul…. & not Geebus. Some ‘HERETICAL’ science might even be learned by those willing to open their minds to it. If Krixstains don’t like this particular movie…. let them self-imolate themselves all up and down US Route10! I’d like to take a drive from Florida to Texas to see all their burning bodies.

  • postsimian

    Hopefully they don’t include a 30-minute intro explaining why Darwin was a Nazi.

  • Sticks

    As a Christian I saw this, and I must say those oposing it have missed a trick. They could use the film to show Charles was bounced into publishing before he was ready and while he was devastated over the death of Annie. No wonder he published what he did.

    That said, although the film has a distributor, I suspect some places, especially in the deep south will not be showing it, either by the theater owners scared of boycots, or local councils banning it from being screened.

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