Marcha Atea: “For a Secular Society without Discrimination” September 23, 2009

Marcha Atea: “For a Secular Society without Discrimination”

I posted yesterday about an Atheist March in Poland.

And now, I learn about an Atheist March in Mexico!

It will be held this Sunday in both Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Why are they doing it? Here’s a loose translation:

The reasons to organize and convene an act of this nature can be summarized in two points:

1) Make public that atheists exist, we have numbers, and we are productive members of society. Openly reject the stereotypes that say “atheists have no morals because they don’t believe in God” and atheists “only want to convert people of faith and want to be intolerant of religion,” as well as many others.

2) To show that religious institutions and right-wing groups use their political and economic power to influence areas of life beyond their scope, which is in violation of the secular state, as guaranteed in our Constitution and many laws around the world.

The message we want to spread this way is that atheism is a way of life. It is as valid, moral and legitimate as any belief…

More information is here, and the English translation is here.

(Thanks to Edgar for the link!)

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  • Santiago

    Argghh! Why did they have to do this when I’m stuck here in England? Well, they’d better post pictures and videos and get mentioned in a newspaper or three.

  • David D.G.

    Wow, this is incredible! I wonder how long it will be before we dare have an atheist march in Texas?

    ~David D.G.

  • Oscar G

    Last year march was a small group compared to the many marches Mexico city sees every day. I hope they get more people this year and much more exposure.
    I wish I could be in Mexico for this, but I’m stuck in the US for a while, however next year in September is the 200th celebration of independence and sure enough I plan to be there and stay a few more days to participate.

    And yeah, it would be great to start seeing marches like these here in the US.

  • @David D.G.:

    I wonder how long it will be before we dare have an atheist march in Texas?

    My money’s on about two to three days before the end of the world.

  • It’s a bad sign that I learn about this from your site… I’ve been either too busy or too sloppy.

    I’m a Mexican atheist, after all!

  • Ramas

    Down here in Mexico City we had one coming out march last year. This year we’ll have another, but its not a coming out one again.
    This time we’ll be asking for effective separation of church and state and the stop of discrimination against non believers.

    You may visit the official site of the march and take note:

    Down here is the same as in Poland, the catholic church and the religious right get in politics all the time, making proclamations on the media and propiciating ignorance and misinformation about skepticism, critical thinking and the scientific worldview.
    Hope you can take a look at our publicity, videos and images, I know all of it is in spanish but still you can take notice and look around, we’ll have pictures and info after the march itself.

  • S

    “The message we want to spread this way is that atheism is a way of life”
    -Exactly! Are there any such groups around Indian sub-continent? 🙂

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