Jesus Website Gets Pwned September 21, 2009

Jesus Website Gets Pwned

Christian groups all across Australia have come together to start a project called “Jesus. All about Life.”

The ‘Jesus. All about Life’ (JAAL) campaign seeks to display the value of communicating via the media, in particular through film and television. In doing this it will bring an awareness of who Jesus is and what he said to every home across NSW and to mobilise churches to engage with their local community through cultural, community and arts events.

To that end, they registered

But consider they’re big on media, surely they also registered, right?


Jesus. All About Lies is an about-time media campaign developed by people who use reason. It aims to motivate people to use reason, rather than rely soley [sic] on institutions historically built on power, for the basis of their morals. We are aiming to run outreach events for the general public which are promoted by thinking people and through the website. For general information about the Jesus All About Lies campaign, or if you are interested in being a part of upcoming campaigns, please click on the appropriate link to the right or below.

They made the same mistake with… guess who snatched up


Bravo, atheists. Bravo.

(Thanks to Emma for the link!)

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  • This is too funny

  • David

    Hmmm. Although I’d like to be happy about this, I can’t help but think of Robert Lancaster’s domain name being grabbed when he was in the hospital and the domain registration expired. Doesn’t it do more harm than good from a PR perspective?

  • Matt

    Haha. Yeah I’m in Australia. Been seeing these ads in the train/bus station I use. One of them made sense, but this other one said “Thankyou Jesus for big chairs”


  • Simon

    If I could make one suggestion, don’t use the word “pwned”. It kind of makes you look silly. Awesome find otherwise!

  • Erp

    Apparently this is a bit push in Australia with money behind it (supposedly 250,000 Australian dollars on an earlier version in 2005), professional ad campaign, Facebook pages, twitter, etc.

    There is a description of the campaign by the advertisers (I don’t think this is a parody).

  • itchyfeet

    The Newcastle Herald (Australia)had an article about the Jesus, All about Life project in yesterdays edition.

    they published the web link without the “.au”

    I hope the christians that found themselves at Secular Thinking .com took the time to do some reading

  • The Other Tom

    I am the, er, proud, owner of:

    Ideas and/or help are welcome. 😀

  • Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I’m of the opinion that this is rather assholish. I wouldn’t want a Christian to get “” or “,” so why is it suddenly funny when we take sites so that some person looking for one thing will find something that they weren’t looking for at all? I’m pissed when porn sites do it, too.

  • The Other Tom

    @neosnowqueen: Theists already do this. I’ve seen whole faux “gay and lesbian news” sites set up to dispense radical right wing christian propaganda. We’re just enjoying the small victories we have… don’t send around a cloud to rain on our parade.

  • That’s just the point. I don’t like it when they do it. Why should I like it when we do it? It’s still assholish, and petty. It’s not a victory. It’s not even a little step in the right direction.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Somewhat ambivalently, I lawlzed (and continue to do so).


    It’s a noteworthy point, but the difference here is that the domain name that was previously being used for the stopsylvia site was snatched up. This Jesus website case involves grabbing a similar (yet new) domain name.

  • The Other Tom: If Jesus is responsible for it all, maybe we should give full credit where credit is due?

    “Thank you Jesus for anencephaly.” Though you might not want to illustrate that one.

  • nerdiah

    I couldn’t help myself, I submitted a thank you note to the site 🙂

    Thank You Jesus for the beauty of your creation.

    Do you think we’ll be seeing it on buses around Sydney soon?

    (Yes, that’s the tongue-eating parasitic isopod that was making the rounds lately. I’ve had nightmares about that thing!)

  • I’m afraid that morally I agree with neosnowqueen, however I also find it amusing in a “I shouldn’t be laughing at this” kind of way. Like when children fall over. It is funny but pointing and laughing is wrong.

    That said what sort of message does the title “Jesus. All about life” convey? That a guy (an actual guy or a fictional guy, it doesn’t really matter) who was brutally tortured to death for his opposition to religious legalism and his outspoken message of compassion is actually alive? Would he be kind of old now? I can’t see that his quality of life would be very high.

  • Erik

    I worry this might run afoul of cybersquatting laws. Not sure where those stand at the moment, especially internationally.

  • thilina

    Its cybersquatting, but not illegal (I guess as long as they don’t blackmail them that is!). If you purchased the address first, you can do as you please with it (without breaking any laws to do with website content).

    And i find these hilarious no matter who does it. But these schemes don’t tend to help the fake site as the new web traffic isn’t going to be their target audience.

    Getting people to loose their faith based on going to the wrong website is as likely as atheists being converted to scientology after they buy

    Anyone else finding ‘Jesus. All about Life’ to be such an unintentional ironic thing considering how much of a death based cult christianity is?

  • Thea

    “But consider they’re big on media, surely they also registered, right?”
    Sometimes you Americans forget that you aren’t really the centre of the known universe, and that you’re not always in the forefront of consideration by everyone around the world. I don’t see why it is a mistake on anyone’s behalf to ensure they have the .com domain covered if they are only interested in what is going on in their own country. Following through on your line of reasoning, than everyone should buy up their domain name from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe in order to make sure their name isn’t pwned or whatever. OK. I’ll get off my soapbox now. I do enjoy your writing. Just sometimes on American sites there can can be a touch of “Cultural Imperialism”. I’m sure it isn’t intentional.

  • Gudday, it’s Santa here, hanging out in Australia with Elvis.

    There is a massive campaign going on here, called the Jesus All About Life campaign and it eats money to tell us to be thankful to jebus for mobile phones and stereo systems.

    Our site was setup as a critical review and parody site directly to confront the dominant paradigm being put forward, as well as making us feel heaps better without having to have quick-eze.

    The domain is quite clear over it’s status, and there is no confusion for the visitor (well it would be quite funny if they did confuse it) … and considering we are approaching (much like David and Goliath;) a massive monstrosity of combined ignorance, for sure it was kinda fitting to have something that would directly associate to the campaign we were running in name. Oh dear! look what the domain-hinter-thingymabob that gives you ideas recommended!

    Anyway, what else is there to do Sunday morning? I have trouble sleeping in with those BELLS, the BELLLLLS… *shakes head*

    I can understand people seeing it as the wrong thing to do, and not achieving anything, but it is fun. For folk like myself for instance in a rural town in the bush, it’s liberating to meet others that are supportive of our method of self empowerment under such an overwhelming (and to use thier own words) blanket advertising campaign.

    So, maybe it is childish to stand up to something that you find oppressive in this way just to make you feel better. Maybe it is wrong to stand up to a hugely funded campaign with what little you have putting forward your only weapon of reason and logic in the face of overwhelming brainwashing nonsense. Maybe it isn’t the way to educate people or ‘turn’ them to atheism .. maybe some sort of money offering would be better at that.

    By all means, if the christian conglomerates decide that they will fight for the domain, I’ll probably hold on with two hands like the childish person I am and tantrum .. you know, protecting what little I have in the face of it all over just being able to express myself at an even level with the money they are wasting telling jesus they are thankfull for him giving them BBQ’s, and foam sandals 😉

    Peace people, and good will, Your points are very valid, however this struggle is muchly for personal profit, I too like the bible society of NSW would love to have an Atheist Racing Car just like their ‘Jesus Racing’, and claim expenses tax free due to us being a religion .. donations have been astounding! I was asked out for a coffee twice! so we are well on our way to reaching monetary goals.

    wait .. we aren’t a religion, I keep forgetting.

    Oh well maybe we can push our belief in the Daffodil Deity to the aboriginals and call it a school or something, have that tax free too. Ideas?

    Anyway, if you can’t be good, be good at it.


    All names have been changed to protect the innocent where applicable.

  • Davo

    .com addresses are top level domains that used to be US centric, but are not anymore. as a web developer in Australia, I always recommend that if available, the client gets not only the but the .com .. kinda standard practics.

    So from my perspective it’s not US centric, but standard practice in the industry for even small busines sites to get the .com if available. Only costs around 16 bucks Australian.

  • I’d be more supportive of the parody site if it didn’t resort to the name-calling and being clever but snide. I would love it if they put counter points up to the statements being made by JAAL. Otherwise it’s doing nothing for atheists and is an exercise in ego stroking that does more harm than good.

  • Lyvvie, one of the problems is there ISN’T anything in the campaign to really critique, it’s just so LAME.

    Have a look at the actual campaign, and see what their is in the way of content. The only thing they are trying to do, is blanket advertise jesus name out there, so it’s in their face.

    There is material on the parody and critical review site such as “Why should non-believers be made to pay for the churches of believers?” that covers issues with tax exemptions for religions in Australia, there’s “The Theory of Evolution – What a scientific theory actually means”, theres the main pages, like About Jesus and the Dont Donate page with information on rorts that were done in Brisbane and the concept of love offerings .. ‘Jesus Lied’ about conflicts in the statements of jesus and reality ..

    .. the list goes on.

    The thing is the site is not about conversion, it’s not about trying to teach anyone anything, the contributors are involved heavily in not only other sites, forums and networks, it’s for the lulz. You may call that ‘ego stroking’, but really, it’s just self empowerment especially for folk like us that are living in rural towns with very large religous presence.

    So yes, there is fun stuff on it, taking the seriousness out of being bombarded with this material (everyone in NSW is expected to cop 10 impressions during the campaign) ..

    It’s just bombing NSW with jesus name, that’s the goal, and millions has been spent on it.

    What exactly is to critique with billboards that say ‘Thanks jebus for really big chairs!” ?

    God B.Less 😉

  • Mikko

    goes to a christian site

  • I just want to point out that has been in use since November 1998. Thats means it was registered almost 10 years ago.

    So who is copying who’s ideas, and who is snatching similar domain names up?

    But I thank them for the traffic just the same…

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